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New York firefighters travel to Mayfield to help with debris cleanup




MAYFIELD, KY–Many of you have volunteered your time and resources to assisting enterprises in Mayfield. It was nearly two weeks after the Pollux, and the entire deck was cleaned up by hand. Four Wisconsin firefighters also arrived to help with the effort.

The New York Fires & Drums Foundation heard about the storm in the news, and saw the pictures on Facebook, but wanted to see them for themselves. and in any way they could help.

Abraham shooting wiring in the house

Not much is left of Abraham’s house in Mayfield. He tries to keep his family alive again, but his hands are exhausted. With the help of some soldiers, he does not wish to do so alone.

“Just pull up and say hey we have four strong men and that’s something we can do,” said Robert Tolley.

Robert Tolley, along with several others, made a trip from New York to Mayfield to help people like Abraham.

Firefighters need siding

“It was a true story for all of us in New York about the issues that happened to those disadvantaged. We want to come down and help in whatever way we could,” said Tolley.

Don’t be afraid to get their dirty gloves on. They are just glad to help out with raised plywood for the support to be torn apart.

“I see license plates from all over the world trying to help oncoming workers and vehicles. It’s truly amazing, and it shows our country very well,” said Tolley.

Robert Tolley

Neighbors help their neighbors – even if they live a thousand miles away. As people continue to clean up their efforts, garbage is driven to the end of the road for pickup, which will be collected after Christmas. Trash pickup has been placed in the household’s custody, leaving many people without a means to remove it.

Designated dumpsters

The city of Mayfield started as a treasure trove of floor-designated furniture for household items such as paper, boxes of cardboard, discarded food and garbage. The mayor, Kathy O’Nan, says this is one step closer to getting back to normal.

storage area

“Work is going on around the clock to remedy this, but many things fall into place. So we’re going to get there, but we can’t give a fixed time,” said O’Nan. .

Email, tools and debris in bins are not permitted.



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