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NFL Free Agency: Los Angeles Chargers sign TE Jared Cook




The Los Angeles chargers they lost the initial close end to Hunter Henry of the New England Patriots because of a free agency. When looking at the condensed end options left over from the group of free agents, Jared Cook it seems to be the next best option and the Los Angeles Chargers have now finished signing. The team receives a veteran solid end that has a lot of football left in the tank.

Jared Cook and Los Angeles Chargers agreed on Thursday on a one-year contract worth $ 6 million. Cook turns 34 next month and will enter his 13th NFL season in 2021. He spent the last two seasons with the New Orleans Saints before being released to make room for caps.

The Los Angeles Chargers should feel good about this signing, especially after the last two seasons Jared Cook has put together. Justin Herbert should also feel good about his protection for the 2021 season, and Chargers will add an offensive player during his free time. He now has a reliable veteran ball that catches a solid end for throwing football.

Let’s see how Jared Cook can contribute to the attack on the Los Angeles Chargers in the NFL season 2021-2022.

NFL Free Agency: How can Jared Cook contribute to the Los Angeles Chargers ’2021 offense?

Los Angeles Chargers TE Jared Cook
Los Angeles Chargers TE Jared Cook

Jared Cook can bring one thing that the Los Angeles Chargers are missing because of a foul, and that is experience. He brought 13 years of experience, including multiple playoff appearances. Jared Cook advanced to the NFL playoffs in the back-to-back years with New Orleans Saints. His third appearance was back in 2016, when he was a member of the Green Bay Packers.

Jared Cook has scored numerous career numbers in contact with the Saints over the past two seasons. He also doubled the number of touchdowns he scored with the Titans, Rams and Raiders. Let’s look at how Jared Cook contributed to the New Orleans Saints.

Jared Cook’s stats with the New Orleans Saints

– receptions: 80

– Reception yards: 1,209 yards

– Touchdowns: 16

Jared Cook scored nine touchdowns in the 2019 season and seven touchdowns last season. In four years with the Titans, he scored a total of eight touches. Fans will be thrilled to see Cook fit into the chargers as Justin Herbert does a good job of throwing football.

Jared Cook gives Justin Herbert a safety blanket for throwing a football when he is in a difficult place. Cook’s acquisition is a big signature for the Los Angeles Chargers.

Posted March 19, 2021, 12:27 AM IST