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NFL: How does adding John Brown help the Raiders?




Once upon a time Buffalo Bills wide receiver John Brown has signed a one – year contract with Las Vegas Raiders this week. Brown will join a talented crop that includes Henry Ruggs III, Zay Jones and Hunter Renfrow. John Brown will put on black and silver in 2021 and will try to establish a strong bond with Raiders QB Derek Carr during the off-season so the team is ready to play when the next NFL the season begins.

John Brown was released by the Buffalo Bills earlier in the offseason. Brown had been current for the bills in the past, but injuries hampered him in production last season and Bills eventually concluded that his production did not justify his price. John Brown has been in the league since 2014 when he was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals.

NFL: Will John Brown come in handy for the Raiders?

John Brown is a respected receiver for a good reason, as he has 4,748 yards and 31 touchdowns in his career with 320 receptions. Brown makes sense to find the end zone, no matter who the defender is, but he will join forces with the capable Derek Carr, the best quarterback the Raiders have put on the field in recent years.

John Brown will add an element of playing ability that the Raiders greatly missed. The team scored just 8 passes more than passing touchdowns in 2020, as the receivers often could not separate due to longer touchdowns, which meant the team had to turn to racing. Brown poses a vertical threat to the defense that will take away the top of the blanket. Not only does it allow other receivers to work more freely, but it should also take defenders out of the box, leaving opportunities for big gains on tracks within the zone.

The Raiders are stationed in the west of the AFC with elite Kansas City bosses, so John Brown’s signing comes as no surprise for an attack that must be able to continue with potential showdowns. The Raiders will try to use John Brown and those around him to upgrade their 8-8 season as they try to get back into the NFL playoffs.

Posted March 18, 2021, 11:24 PM IST