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NFL star Deshaun Watson sued for alleged sexual assault




The lawsuit, filed Tuesday in Harris County, Texas, alleges that Watson assaulted an unlicensed masseur “touching her with his penis” while receiving a massage at the therapist’s home in March 2020.

Watson denies any foul.

“As a result of a post on social media from a plaintiff attorney seeking publicity, I recently became aware of a lawsuit that had apparently been filed against me,” Watson said in statement posted on Twitter on Tuesday. “I have not seen the complaint yet, but I know it: I have never treated any woman with anything but the utmost respect.

“The plaintiff’s attorney claims it’s not about money, but before filing a lawsuit he filed a six-figure baseless lawsuit, which I quickly rejected. Unlike him, it’s not about money for me. : it’s about deleting my name, and I hope to do so “.

CNN has contacted the woman’s attorney, Tony Buzbee, to see if Watson was offered a six-figure deal.

The lawsuit alleges that the therapist left Watson alone in the massage parlor of her home and when she returned, “Watson was lying on the massage table completely naked with only a small towel covering the groin area. .. Watson began to dictate aggressively as Watson stressed to the plaintiff not to use her knuckles or elbows during the massage.Instead, Watson told the plaintiff that he should only use his hands. its groin area “.

The lawsuit says the woman “began to feel extremely uncomfortable” and was trying to find a way to “get out of the situation.”

“At one point, he intentionally exposed the tip of his penis under the towel,” the lawsuit alleges. “As a result of the movement of the hips, Watson touched the plaintiff’s hand with the tip of his penis erect.”

The lawsuit says the therapist “was shocked and mortified” and ended the session.

Watson left the “home without further incident” and later apologized via text message for the alleged incident, according to the lawsuit.

“Too often women have endured behavior that we all know no one should endure,” Buzbee wrote on Facebook and Instagram on Tuesday. “All people are equal and all deserve dignity and respect.”

The woman “seeks the minimum compensatory damages,” as well as court costs and punitive damages, the lawsuit points out.

In a statement to CNN on Wednesday, the Texans said, “We are going to hear a civil lawsuit related to Deshaun Watson through a post on social media last night. This is the first time we have heard the matter. and we hope to know more soon.

“We take allegations of this nature seriously involving anyone in the Houston Texans organization. We will wait for more information before making additional statements about this incident.”

CNN has contacted the NFL and Watson’s agent to comment.

Watson has played four seasons in Houston and has been selected for three Pro Bowls. According to the Spotrac website, he signed a four-year, $ 156 million contract in 2020.