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NFL Trade Rumors: Will the Green Bay Packers trade AJ Dillon?




The Green Bay Packers surprisingly re-applied to return Aaron Jones on a four-year contract before he had a chance to enter the free agent market.

According to Adam Schefter, the Green Bay Packers are giving Jones a contract worth $ 48 million, which would average $ 12 million a year. The contract also comes with a $ 13 million signing bonus.

Jones ’future with the Packers seems to be over after NFL the deadline for franchisees came and went, a week before the free agent market opened. The AJ Dillion era was expected to begin.

NFL trade rumors: What does that mean for the election in the second round AJ Dillon?

Matt LaFleur believes a great running game is key to a big offense; he favors defenders, and that’s a big reason why Dillon isn’t a wasted choice.

Dillon is capable of starting, but that’s not what Green Bay needs from him.

Dillon is expected to become the primary backup; praises the cemented run of Green Bay. Although there could be drives or even games, Dillon will get a good amount of brackets.

There were high expectations from the novices, and he met some of them. In his last two Green Bay games in the 2020 season, he averaged 5.2 yards per attempt in seven runs.

Dillon has 97 offensive shots, 38 of which are the result of Titan’s suffocation. The former Boston College who ran backwards recorded 124 yards and a pair of touchdowns; took on the role of the main back of the team tonight and played extremely well.

Over the last few seasons, Jamaal Williams is Jones’ primary backup. Williams has accumulated 347 carries, 1,429 yards and six runs.

Williams was also a complementary piece, calculating 97 receptions, 699 yards received and six touchdown receipts.

Unfortunately, Jones ’contract marks the end of the Williams era with the Packers. Williams will most likely enter free agencies as a solid prospect.

Dillon will enter the role with an exponential number of shots. The former reserve player played 481 offensive shots in the regular season and postseason last season and 402 a year earlier.

Tandem defenders extend the careers of both players by putting less wear on them. An added benefit for the 247 pounds is that the Packers could potentially launch it in the future.

Now that Jones and Dillon will be defending the hinterland of Green Bay in 2021, they have the potential to be one of the best one-two shots in the NFL.

Posted March 16, 2021, 12:07 AM IST