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No, there is no “Biden Border Crisis” and calling it that plays into Republican racism




While Trump may not be in position, the Republican Party and their media allies are working too much time to ensure that his hateful rhetoric and xenophobic agenda remains front and center in American politics. It’s been almost two months into Biden’s presidency and suddenly we’re seeing a concentrated campaign to convince the country that there is some sort of major crisis unfolding on the border as thousands of undocumented migrants, many of them children, arrive to seek asylum and opportunity.

The narrative “crisis” is quickly captured even with the usually relatively objective media outlets. “There is a new surge of children on the border, but the Biden administration will not call it a crisis!Zachary B Wolf warned, as Reuters announced that, “Number of migrant children at U.S. border facilities rose in the midst of a growing crisis. “Congressional Republicans were delighted and continued to blow the message, spending the past week holding press conferences and border-wall photoshoots warning about the” Biden Border Crisis. “

The inherent negative framing of the fact that many people coming than the immigration system is currently capable of handling is extremely problematic in and of itself. Obsessively labeling the situation as a “crisis” inherently designated the arrival of migrants as a negative event and flying in the face of the values ​​we want to pretend this country was founded on. What is this really is a problem of logistics and red tape that can and should be aggressively dealt with by the government, but it is not a “crisis.”

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The insistence to call it a crisis is a reflection of the wing’s need to help xenophobes and smear all undocumented migration as an implicit threat to economic stability and white livelihoods, ironically representing white supremacist values. valued by our country. really established in. It is painfully clear that the status quo in the Very Serious News Media is that they consider undocumented migration as inherently a negative thing and that deportations, asylum denials, and disincentivizing migration are somehow a “moderate position. . “

Even worse, the media is playing on the Republican misrepresentation that Joe Biden’s reversal of the Trump administration’s sadistically cruel policies is interpreted as a green light for anyone and everyone to go to the United States. , because by this time they knew they could not get rid of their children with them or be thrown across the border into a shantytown in Mexico.

Every so -called “patriot” or Beltway bozo who criticizes the Biden administration for treating immigrants with a modicum of basic human dignity should look in the mirror and reflect on what it really means to be an American and what they want this country to stand for. There is nothing moderate or good about our turning our backs on people seeking safety and economic opportunity, especially since the instability and violence in their countries will inevitably return to American imperialism.

Yes, there are many people on the border for our inherently racist and cruel immigration system to be protected today. Much of the blame there rests with Donald Trump, whose administration has deliberately fought to create the perception of a “crisis” and thus justify the evil “solutions” faced by skulls like Stephen Miller. punished to punish migrants for seeking safety and opportunity in The united state.

It doesn’t make it “Biden’s fault,” nor does it change the fact the Biden administration won’t be able to flip a switch overnight – especially since outgoing Trump officials have done everything they can sabotage the incoming administration. It’s true that the Biden team needs to act in detail and quickly to eliminate the gears in processing immigrants and find them good lodging, and all indications show that the Biden team is doing just that. But too many “people who want to immigrate to America” shouldn’t consider a crisis, and playing on this rhetoric has done nothing but promote white nationalist narration and distortion.

Colin Taylor

Colin Taylor is the editor-in-chief of the Occupy Democrats. He graduated from Bennington College with a Bachelor’s degree in history and political science. He is now committed to advancing the cause of social justice and equality in America.


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