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Not so sweet: Google responds to ‘sugar daddy’ Play Store app ban




Today, Google announced some changes to its Play policies, which sit between precise legal improvements and some advertising ID adjustments. certain Types of dating crowds. Google has updated its inappropriate content policy to ban “rewarded sex” (such as sugar daddy or sugar dating apps).

I have to admit I didn’t actively know what a Sugar Daddy app was. However to look, them sure is. In fact, the apps in that category of my picks have had well over a million downloads. Most of them have surprisingly high ratings, but the quality of the reviews sometimes suggests that some manipulation is taking place. Nevertheless, many people are obviously using these apps.

Google doesn’t ban this unless you’re transacting for sex through the app. Then we will ban that app.

If somehow you’re unfamiliar with the term “sugar daddy” is more than that. Caramel candy on a stick. Sugar daddy, in a more common native language. They are usually older men, but may have “sugar moms” or gender-neutral “sugar parents.” — The act of spending or giving money to a business relationship, usually for a sexual favor.

Exact text of today’s policy change starting September 1st.

I don’t judge. I don’t know how much harm such an arrangement really does to anyone if everyone has different enjoyments and all parties have enough knowledge and agree. But it seems to be Google. do It’s not that the company is against the nature of the relationship, it’s just that they often sexual Relationships with a perceived reward base, and the company’s outright ban on sexual content – the main impulse of many customers behind more generalized dating apps like Tinder and Hinge, as well as mainstream dating apps ignore much of the message. User Exchange.

Upon receiving the request, Google provided the following statement:

“As a platform, we are always excited to support our developer partners, but we are working hard to provide a secure experience for our users. we update our Inappropriate Content Policy Based on feedback from NGOs, governments, and other user advocacy groups related to user safety, we ban apps that promote sexual activity in exchange for rewards. This aligns our policies with other Google policies and industry norms.”

It’s also worth pointing out that Apple has. similar policy In the App Store, we point out that Google has updated its advertising policy in response to this change. February.

whatever the exact motive, Starting September 1st, sugar users of all types will have to stick with websites or sideload sugar dating apps. This is Android and unlike iPhone, you can still download apps from anywhere.


Google statementSince our story was first published, Google has provided a statement and other context for the policy change, and its coverage has been updated.


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