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Omarosa Manigault Newman can’t force Trump to testify in lawsuit, judge rules




Newman faces a 2019 Justice Department lawsuit alleging that he did not file a financial disclosure report after Trump fired him.

His lawyers had tried to oust Trump because they claimed the administration was suing the former “Apprentice” contestant for personal retaliation from Trump.

But Judge Richard Leon of the DC District Court wrote Wednesday that Newman had not presented any case strong enough that he could only obtain the information necessary for his defense of Trump and the senior officials around him. Although Trump has left the White House, he and his top advisers still have some protection, Leon decided.

“The need to protect the integrity of the underlying decision-making process and foster public service by protecting officials from‘ indiscriminate deposition ’continues to persist after the officer leaves government service,” Leon wrote in a 17 page review.

He added that the former president and cabinet officials may be protected under this rule. “The defendant has not taken on the burden of proving that it is appropriate to dismiss former President Trump. Unfortunately, for the defendant, even assuming that former President Trump has first-hand knowledge of how this case was derived in the Justice Department, this information is irrelevant to any claim or defense in this case, “Leon wrote.

However, Leon said Newman’s legal defense team could fire a Justice Department trial lawyer who had told him about boxes of his documents kept in the White House.

This happens when several other lawsuits by former government employees against former Trump-era high-ranking officials are still leaked to the courts and can spark fights for the testimony of former Trump administration officials. These include lawsuits from former FBI officials Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page against the Department of Justice and a case in which the Department of Justice is suing former national security adviser John Bolton.