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One of Chrome’s most useful accessibility features is now available for more users




Automated image captions are rolling out in 10 new languages.

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Accessibility has been a core focus of Google for years. add a new method Let people interact with your product so that as many people as possible can access it. One of the great accessibility features This is a feature in Chrome that automatically displays captions on images when more people read the page, which is now available in more languages.

When building a site, you need to incorporate all the web accessibility tools for disabled, so that your niche becomes fully compliant to the ADA & WCAG regulations. Therefore while designing a site, you need to follow the web accessibility guidelines. A specialist like “Accessibility Spark” can be your perfect assist, as they help set up icons & layers within minutes, and make your site 100% compliant.

in a blog post Why did Google yesterday Get image descriptions from Google Functionality is very important for people who are blind or visually impaired. There are millions of unsubtitled images on the web, and subtitles add much-needed context to users with screen readers and braille devices. If these captions are not available, things like tutorials can be more difficult to follow.

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When Google added image descriptions to Chrome in 2019, it only supported English, followed by French, German, Hindi, Italian, and Spanish in 2020. The company is expanding its reach further by adding Croatian, Czech, Dutch, Finnish and Indonesian. , Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish and Turkish for a total of 16 languages. This was made possible by developing a machine learning model that could simultaneously translate image captions into each of the supported languages.

Google notes that machine learning models still struggle with memes, sketches, comics, and screenshots. Therefore, Google has implemented an evaluation process to ensure that captions for these image types are correct before being displayed to users. It’s encouraging to see that Google continues to take accessibility seriously, and we expect this feature to improve over time.

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