When making an online purchase or simply trying to log in to your account, you will most likely be asked to enter a one-time code that is sent to your mobile number via SMS. These messages are useless a few minutes after they are received, creating unnecessary clutter in the text unless they are manually cleaned up and deleted. Thankfully, Google is working on a way to automatically scrap these texts, so I have a solution using the Messages app.

According to a colleague at XDA Developers, the decomposition of version 6.7.067 shows that Google is working on how to delete one-time passwords after 24 hours. The user is asked if the app should automatically clean up or if the OTP needs to be stacked up.

It’s not clear whether the next release of the message will come with this new feature or if Google will need more time to complete it. Maybe you can rest assured. Someone Something is cleaning for you.


Post to Twitter Reveal the app’s settings a little more. The screenshot shows a new submenu called Organize Messages with two options. When activated, the first message unblocks your inbox by automatically deleting current and future OTP messages after 24 hours. The second automatically categorizes the messages. Also recently found.

Beta version. In addition to checking if the OTP code is self-destructing after use, you can also see what other toggles in the new menu are doing.

In the screenshot of the exploded view, I saw a new toggle called “View messages by category”. These categories are displayed under the search bar in the screenshot above, allowing users to sort messages by subject.

According to XDA Developer, This feature has been shown to only a handful of users so far, and one of them has been kind enough to give you these screenshots. We hope to reach more people in the message beta soon.