OnePlus just announced last year that they were working on a “Pro” version of their earbuds. OnePlus Bird and Buzz Z. A release date for the new OnePlus Buds Pro or “Buds Pro Edition” (referred to as both) was not mentioned in the announcement, but a handful of lucky testers have Application for Early Confirmation. Applications close July 17th.

Not much is known about the new earbuds, but the “Pro” nickname seems to run parallel to Apple’s Airpods Pro, which sets it apart from the base Pro-less model with the addition of ANC and a tighter sealing design. about your ear canal.

OnePlus hasn’t talked much about the product, but has revealed a timeline that may indicate it’s coming soon. According to OnePlus, the application will close on July 17, reviewers will be announced on the 21st, and devices will ship to testers on July 22, with an embargo yet to be determined. However, OnePlus later explains that “reviewers will receive the device around the official launch event date.” Could See product launch before the end of the month. The Nord 2 Also scheduled for release on July 22nd, so can be released.

I was a fan of OnePlus Buds last year, and although not without problems, I still use them regularly. It’s comfortable for the shape of my ears and sounds great for that style of open pass-through earbuds, but the Bluetooth connection quality is lacking and touch control is limited. There are two problems. Hope the new Buds don’t run into problems.

Users who prevent early access to the Buds Pro must write a review within 7 days. sound OnePlus only deploys a total of 10 devices. If you want to throw your hat in the ring, OnePlus makes your selection based on your photography and writing skills and previous experience. Good luck if you are interested. You can apply here.