OnePlus released Android 11 for Nord in early March, but the release is Grinding stop Due to some bugs the company found in the process last week. Since OnePlus is already distributing a hotfix update (OxygenOS to everyone who has the same change log as the original version, it seems to be easy to fix what went wrong.

The most noticeable interface change.

The stable release arrived about 2 months later. The first open beta of Oxygen OS 11 It’s open to the public and includes all the features you’d expect from Android 11. Controversial facelift OnePlus introduced the latest Oxygen OS version, a dedicated dark mode toggle (finally!), an optional always-on ambient display, and all the rest of the changes that Google introduced to Android 11, such as new media controls, dialogs and bubbles. It features a smart home control and a redesigned power button menu with Google Pay.

Change log:

  • system
    • Update to Android 11 version
    • The new UI design provides a more comfortable experience with various detail optimizations.
    • Optimized stability and improved experience for some third-party apps.
  • Peripheral display
    • A new Insight watch style has been added, created in collaboration with the Parsons School of Design. Changes according to phone usage data (Go to: Settings-Custom-Clock on Ambient Display).
    • A new always-on canvas display has been added that allows you to extract the subject’s outline from a photo and display it on the lock screen (Go: Settings-Custom-Wallpaper-Canvas-Select photo preview and automatically create it).
  • Dark mode
    • Added shortcuts for dark mode. Pull down the quick setting to activate it.
    • It now supports automatically turning on the feature and customizing the time range. (Go to: Settings-Display-Dark Mode-Automatically on-Automatically activate from sunset to sunrise / Custom time range)
  • shelf
    • New shelf UI
    • Newly added weather widget with smarter animation effects.
  • gallery
    • There is a new story feature that lets you automatically create weekly stories using local photos and videos.
    • Optimized loading speed to improve image preview experience.

OnePlus says that OxygenOS version is “a hot fix build, so it shares the change log with previous releases.” So you don’t have to expect any functional differences compared to previous versions of Android 11. As always, updates are starting to roll out in stages today, but you can try your luck, especially if you are impatient. Third party Oxygen Updater app It guides you through automatically downloading and applying the latest OTA updates.