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OnePlus Watch: All the rumors and what we want to see (Updated: Mar. 15)




Oppo Watch with Google Assistant info

credit: Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

UPDATE: March 15, 2021 (1 AM ET): The release date of OnePlus Watch is now confirmed. Read on to learn more!

Original article: September 27, 2020 (4 AM ET): OnePlus We have long been eager to create a device ecosystem that expands beyond that. Smartphone. The company’s efforts to achieve this goal began in 2018 with the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Neckband Earphones. Since then, OnePlus TWS earphone, Wireless charger, even television. which Fitness wearables The space remains untouched by the manufacturer. This will change soon.

From Oppo to Realme to Vivo, all OnePlus sister companies BBK Electronics Umbrella announced or launched a fitness wearable. The Oppo and Vivo smartwatches are the latest in this onslaught, and the OnePlus, as it looks, is not far behind. Enter OnePlus Watch.

Little is known about OnePlus’s debut efforts in the smartwatch category so far, but this article will wrap up all the rumors. It also lists expectations for the OnePlus Watch given the crowded market it is trying to enter.

OnePlus Watch: Name and Release Date

OnePlus logo 2

It’s no surprise that OnePlus makes a smartwatch. Making accessories that go hand in hand with smartphones has been a practice in the tech industry ever since the kingdom came. Samsung did it, Apple did it, Xiaomi is in that thick position, and almost every major smartphone brand that can name it is expanding its wearables portfolio.

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OnePlus first encountered the idea for a smartwatch in 2016, but ultimately put the idea on hold. In fact, the brand I had a finished smart watch At the time, it was decided not to bring it to the market for any reason. But the company CEO Pete Lau Confirmed in the interview The OnePlus Watch is back in the pipeline.

OnePlus Check in Tweet On March 12th, the watch will be released on March 23rd. OnePlus 9 series debut.

As far as the name goes, everyone is referring to the OnePlus Watch. The company has never confirmed the name, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it eventually happened.

The design and specs of the OnePlus Watch

Biometric clock leak digital chat station

There is no single leak to the specifications of the so-called OnePlus Watch. The only information from the tipster so far J max Posted on Twitter Secret teaser About a smartwatch with a round dial instead of a square face.

OnePlus Watch Teaser Max J on Twitter

Tipster doesn’t even mention the name of the smartwatch. He only hints at a possible prototype design, which is immediately distinguished from the Apple Watch-esque. Oppo watch. But that opens up the possibility that the One Plus watch resembles a round. Vivo watch Or that Realme Watch S Pro.

In this case, OnePlus doesn’t need to build a smartwatch chassis from scratch. You can borrow a design from Vivo or Realme and swipe your favorite hardware. Then OnePlus can take a whole new approach to the first watch.

According to the regulatory filings for India’s BIS (similar to the FCC in the United States) There can be two variations of the watch.. We don’t know what’s the difference between them, but there could be two case sizes.

Early January, frequent spills Ishan Agarwal open OnePlus Watch can render and show a round watch face. Agarwal researched the OnePlus Health app to find these renders and a unique model number (W301CN), but warned that this could be an Oppo Watch. Check out the rendering below.

We also found the design of the OnePlus smartwatch on the EUIPO website, but we are not sure if this is really the final design. Nevertheless, we two filings Here, both show a circular watch face with two buttons on the right. Check out the image below.

EUIPO images don’t seem to show much difference between the two watch filings except for the different strap designs. We also check what is probably a heart rate monitor under the watch screen.

When released, the OnePlus Watch Special edition inspired by Cyberpunk 2077. A cyberpunk insignia and a strap with bright yellow inserts leaked.

Will the watch run on Wear OS?

According to Pete Lau, OnePlus is working closely with Google to develop software for the watch. Now he hasn’t specifically said that the OnePlus Watch will run on Wear OS, but the company working with Google leaves little imagination.

Interestingly, Lau freely admitted that Wear OS “definitely has room for improvement.” He continued to discuss how the company suggests to Google on what steps can be taken to improve the user experience on the upcoming watch. According to Lau, these collaborative efforts “have been seen very positively on the Google side.” Take whatever you want.

OnePlus Watch: what we want to see

Suunto 7 wear os logo on wrist

There are no clues about the specs and software of the OnePlus Watch, but there are a few things you’d like to see. Anyone can guess whether the OnePlus has already thought about this, but here’s what the OnePlus Watch looks like in our minds.

Bright AMOLED always displayed

OLED or AMOLED displays are currently the standard for smart watches. I’d love to see the OnePlus Watch offering a bright, clear AMOLED screen like the one on the screen. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Or even Oppo Watch. Of course, battery life doesn’t last for weeks, but a full smartwatch can’t be promised these days. The Galaxy Watch 3 is finished in about 3 days with AOD turned off, and the Oppo Watch easily lasts 24 hours with the function turned on.

While many AMOLED-touting watches can’t last longer than a week, Fitbit and Garmin The device is. It would be great if your OnePlus Watch could answer calls, get notifications, launch apps, track your workouts, and basically do everything you expect your smartwatch to do. Of course, there is an always-on AMOLED screen that makes it tick for at least 24 hours without killing the clock until noon.

Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 Plus

OnePlus and Qualcomm have a great partnership when it comes to smartphones, and we expect the same to happen when the company launches a smartwatch. Unlike the Oppo Watch with the 2-year-old Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset, the OnePlus Watch Snapdragon Wear 4100 Plus.

The new 12nm chip promises the fastest clock speed (1.7GHz) on all of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear platforms to date. Compared to the Wear 3100’s 1.1GHz clock speed, this will feel like a significant improvement. The next-generation chips also come with co-processors that can boost memory, GPU and camera performance and significantly improve battery life. Pair this with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage and you have a fairly powerful watch on your wrist.

Wear OS with slight tweaks

To be honest, Google’s Wear OS platform hasn’t really dominated the smartwatch ecosystem. Most relied on Qualcomm’s hardware, and its doors have been closed in the last two years. With the new Wear 4100 chipset, The future of the Wear OS watch. Also New version of Wear OS Its foundation Android 11 Supports the latest Snapdragon Wear chips. It promises faster app launches, faster access to information, a streamlined pairing process, improved LTE support, and more. For best-in-class smartwatch performance, I wanted to see the OnePlus Watch immediately use the Snapdragon Wear 4100 Plus and the latest Wear OS software.

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We’re also okay with looking at some smart software tweaks like the ones reinvented. ZenMode For watch or custom battery mode Fossil fifth generation. Also, the OnePlus Watch could be your default fitness watch, and you might not have a third-party app like the one we saw. Huami’s Amazfit.

Match the features of your rivals

You don’t want the OnePlus to hide behind tons of fitness/sports modes that stand out like some watches, but you don’t want to compromise the accuracy of the core sensors (read Amazfit Stratos 3). What we want to see is an accurate heart rate and GPS sensor, NFC Remote payment, wireless charging, the signature of OnePlus Warp charge, As well Blood oxygen monitoring. If your watch supports the Wear OS platform, features such as Google Assistant support will be provided automatically. All of this ensures the OnePlus Watch stands on par with other modern smartwatches such as: Apple Watch 6 Or the Galaxy Watch 3.

Measured price

What’s described above may sound like a perfect Wear OS smartwatch, and I can say that not all of this can be cheap. You will be right. With all these features and the latest Qualcomm chipset, I don’t expect the OnePlus Watch to cost less than $200. if Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 Prices are all indicators, and the OnePlus Watch costs around $300.

There’s also an Apple Watch SE, which costs $279, and that’s what the OnePlus is bound to win. Both Apple and Samsung are leaders in the ecosystem of smartwatches, and OnePlus is working towards that. Perhaps at a price of $250-$300, you can make the OnePlus Watch the best Wear OS watch. I guess we have to wait.


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