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OnePlus’s recent growth is staggering — and shows just how small it still is




If you’ve heard the aficionados and critics (a label sometimes included with Android Police here), you might think OnePlus is having a hard time right now. However throttle gate And color os skin aside, the company on a large scale It’s successful and growing fast. Analysts claimed the company’s Nord phone. Basically dominant in T-Mobile Earlier this year, and the brand Explosive growth in Europe and India. And now Counterpoint is the fastest-growing brand in the United States during the last half of the year, reporting an astonishing 428% year-over-year growth. There is a lot of room for growth.

According to Counterpoint’s estimates that OnePlus gave us (above), OnePlus essentially outperforms everyone else in the US, with Motorola at 83%, Apple at 53%, Nokia HMD at 35% and Samsung at 17%. Compared to that, the huge increase rate is 428%. Google is obviously small loss ZTE is down 77% and LG has somehow managed to remain relevant enough. after closing the store You can stay on the chart. We also received some other interesting month-long briefs and details such as the fact that April 2021 had an astonishing 1,168% year-over-year increase and May 2021 had an even more surprising increase. 4,201% compared to the previous year.

All of these figures are growth Numbers, and that’s kind of a backhand metric. Growth is dependent on existing market share, so it is a relative comparison. In essence, for a giant like Samsung that already dominates the market, there’s not much growth. On the other hand, OnePlus is so small and has minimal market penetration, so it can show a three-digit increase. yet Be a small part of the whole conversation.

This number doesn’t apply to this particular situation, but let’s say, for example, that Company A has grown from 5,000,000 shipped to 5.3 million. That’s only a 6% change. At the same time, Company B increases from 100,000 to 200,000 units. That’s a much “bigger” 100% increase. Is that correct? Nevertheless, Company A surpassed Company B with a growth rate of 6% and recorded a growth rate of 100%. both Total units shipped and unit increments. Company B has more room to grow and starts with fewer.

The same kind of logic seems to apply to OnePlus in this comparison. Outside of the enthusiast market, the company was basically unknown and had fewer sales metrics compared to other brands. But now, with more aggressive price points, it’s making a big foray into T-Mobile and its sub-brands, so the company’s “small” profits equate to big ones. relative Although the overall numbers and market share are still smaller than Motorola and Samsung (and possibly LG’s smoking corpses), there is a difference. For comparison, as part of the announcement, OnePlus was told that over 1 million N-series phones have been sold since January, and analyst estimates provided by OnePlus suggest that most of the profit comes from the N-series. ‘More than 1 million’ in half a year is a small decrease in the objectively expected Samsung Electronics sale. About 300 million calls this year, shipped “only” 7.4 million units in the US during a particularly tough quarter. last year.

Of course, OnePlus’s sales are booming right now, and the company should celebrate its growing success in the infamous US market, but the scale of today’s numbers still has a long way to go.


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