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Op-Ed: The Media Is Psychologically Abusing Black People and Racially Discriminating Against White People




Since 2015, Americans have endured continued media coverage of black Americans killed or abused by police or white individuals.

The media ran these photos and videos in the loop. Not surprisingly, there is a perception that black Americans are “being chased” as LeBron James put it, by the police.

The idea that black people cannot leave their homes or walk the streets has been proven wrong on many occasions. But because the truth doesn’t fit the narrative driving the ratings for these media giants, they refuse to tell Americans the truth.

They participated in psychological abuse.

Who can watch images like George Floyd’s death over and over and not be disturbed? All of America was disturbed by what we saw Floyd’s case.

There was an incident in 2018 when 36 years old Timothy Coffman suffered almost exactly the exact death that Floyd did. Only basic media coverage could not be found.

The mainstream media has also not bothered to run in the loop the awful stories of Tony Timpa at Justine Damond, both killed by police. The only difference in the deaths of Coffman, Timpa and Damond is that the victims were white, which the media easily forgot to mention in the headlines.

There are many other stories where a police officer’s behavior is questionable, but when the suspects or victims are white they have no media attention. We now live in a society where the skin color of the victim determines whether a tragedy will be reported or not.

Even black victims have to fit into a narrative for the media. If you were black and killed by another black man unrelated to law enforcement, that story would also miss the main headlines.

Offensive cries from the mothers and fathers of these victims do not deserve the attention of the mainstream media. The lack of coverage gives the impression that those stories are infrequent and the real problems are white officers hunting for black men.

We are abused and lied to psychologically.

The psychological abuse forced upon the black media community, race hustlers and politicians is not only morally bad but dangerous to society. When a person continues to hear negativity about themselves they will believe that negativity even if it contradicts facts, logic and reason.

Psychotherapist Amy Morin describes a situation where a man named Bill entered his office saying “I wasn’t meant to be a leader” despite being offered the position to lead his work. Upon further investigation, the patient revealed that as a child he had heard a teacher say to his parents, “He is more of a follower than a leader.” Twenty -five years later, Bill has entered those thoughts and still sticks to them despite evidence to the contrary.

Morin wrote, “Like Bill, we all hold on to the beliefs we developed as a child with full force. And often, we allow negative self -beliefs to hinder us from being as successful as possible.”

In the black community, many of us are told by our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, guidance counselors and almost anyone black we interact with from a very young age that “white people don’t want to you succeed “or” You have to work twice as hard as white people to continue “or” you’re black and that’s a strike against you. “

Then the media comes in and broadcasts incidents that appear to confirm that ideology. In some way, form or fashion, we hear negative rhetoric that black skin is a burden in our lives and that is rooted and embedded in our minds.

And when someone – regardless of their skin color, background or education – continues to be fed negativity, they will believe it and practice that belief.

The consequence is that if you think you can’t, you won’t – and you won’t try either.

These narratives will only help news organizations ’and bottom line race hustlers. They benefit by using big news in negative news, leading to public anger, causing chaos and unrest and ultimately extortion from the public.

It was reported that the organization Black Lives Matter was lifted $ 90 million in 2020 and it appears that almost none of the money has reached the communities they claim to help.

Unfortunately, this happens in many of these types of organizations. Funds usually stay on top and are never poured into people. There is nothing new in what is going on within these organizations and race hustlers. It goes back to the 1800s.

Booker T. Washington, an American author, educator and presidential adviser born in 1856, write:

“There’s a class of people of color who make a business of keeping the chaos, mistakes, and sufferings of the Negro race before the public. Realizing that they can survive their problems, they grow on habitual habit of announcing their mistakes – partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays off.Some of these people don’t want to lose Negro grievances, because they don’t want to lose their jobs. “

It is interesting and not exciting that for all the racism and hatred that the Obamas, Al Sharpton, the BLM organizers and other racial hustlers of that race believe to be prevalent in America today, they have somehow been able to overcome it and become part of the American elite, but the rest of us cannot and will continue to be oppressed.

They have helped the media perpetuate the psychological abuse that is ravaging not only black America but the entire country. However, they will continue to sell doom and darkness to black America and wait to collect another heavy check.

This article originally appeared on The Western Journal.


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