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Opinion: Biden needs to keep his foot on the gas for a full Covid-19 recovery



Opinion: Biden needs to keep his foot on the gas for a full Covid-19 recovery


The approaching task, however, is formidable. While the $ 1.9 trillion relief bill signed by President Joe Biden on Thursday is a big step in the right direction, the country is still a long way from fully recovering from the Covid pandemic. -19. Virus variants continue to look us in the face and the gradual return to normalcy will be difficult to navigate.

The closest comparison to the challenge Biden faces may be the transition to a peacetime economy after World War II ended in 1945. This was one of the biggest tasks President Harry Truman faced in his first full year as president. Inflation and labor unrest did not make things easier.

But Biden’s problems are even more complicated. Military conflicts in modern U.S. history have not had the same scope and impact on the domestic front as the Covid-19, which seeped into every part of our lives, from family dinners to our places of residence. work. And unlike war, the pandemic will not end with a declaration of victory or a peace treaty. The process will be gradual and Biden must closely monitor the launch of the vaccine, the economic recovery, our preparation for the pandemic, although his party has a narrow majority in Congress, where the vast majority of Republicans are not willing to cosign their agenda.

Presidential rhetoric will matter a lot. Given the pain and psychological trauma we have experienced over the past year, it will be difficult for many Americans to make the transition back to their businesses, schools, and jobs.

This is where the president’s voice will matter. President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s fiery talks guided the country through the worst days of the Great Depression, providing security and helping them understand what the government would do. When the Challenger space shuttle exploded in 1986, it killed everyone on board, including a professor, President Ronald Reagan. high rhetoric he demonstrated a perfect tone as he went on television to comfort the country. As Biden demonstrated in his television speech Thursday night, he adapts uniquely to this challenge. Their ability to speak to Americans in a direct and familiar way, along with their ability to demonstrate genuine empathy for the challenges they face as individuals and families, will help the country move to the next stage of recovery. .
Biden must also continue to elevate scientists and follow their directions, even if it is not politically attractive. Experts such as Dr. Anthony Fauci constantly clashed with the Trump administration, which sought to misinform and put short-term political gains ahead of the national interest. Biden made Fauci his chief medical adviser and has promised to lead him with him “science and truth.” However, the better things get, the stronger the temptation to go back to old habits. Biden will face increasing pressure to deliver on his promises since we are close to the 4th of July, the date on which he marked the return to a normal resemblance. But the road to normalcy will require the guidance of our best scientists and a clear message about what is safe and what is not, even as the situation changes day by day.

The American Rescue Act was an essential step forward. And the coordination and government intervention that have been needed in the worst moments of the Covid crisis remain essential for a speedy economic recovery. We need the federal government to ensure that businesses are rebuilt, that American families can pay their bills, that schools and local governments have the money to provide essential services, and that the deployment of vaccines, as well as the development of treatments, have sufficient support. While the $ 1.9 trillion bill is a far-reaching plan, the government can do more to help the economic recovery and Biden needs to assess when additional interventions will be needed.

As we face the lingering threat of new infectious diseases and global pandemics, Biden must instill the infrastructure that will allow us to be better prepared in the future. Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore, for example, responded more quickly to Covid-19, having gained experience gained from the SARS epidemic. Biden could be inspired by Truman between 1947 and 1949, when the federal government rebuilt its infrastructure to deal with the Cold War. by creating the National Security Council and the CIA, dedicating federal funds to the war on communism and providing aid to Western Europe through the Marshall Plan. The Biden administration should launch a similar, multifunctional approach to combating future pandemics, which will require investing in scientific research and public health, re-evaluating our supply chains for critical medical supplies, ensuring a robust federal apparatus to approve and distribute tests and vaccines, and to promote a better international alert system.
Finally, the President must remember that while we could look back on the months leading up to the pandemic with pink glasses, the country was already plagued by deep-rooted problems that had long been unaddressed, from institutional racism to our criminal justice system until growing economic inequality. As difficult as it may seem, Biden must continue to build political support to address these issues. This, of course, will be extremely difficult as the filibuster allows Senate Republicans to obstruct the president’s agenda.

Recovering from the pandemic will not be easy, and how they will define the country’s tariffs as we remember the Biden presidency.