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Our recommended Chrome flags to test on your Chromebook




Chrome OS 89 has a few extra features and tweaks that aren’t yet included in the default experience. It may not be stable enough for everyone who is still in development. Google has put some of these experimental features behind the page and you can start using it right now. Activate these switches or “flags” by typing: chrome: // flags Press Enter in Chrome’s URL bar. Here is a list: Low risk It’s a good idea to try the flags we’ve tested.


  • chrome: // flags / # global-media-controls-for-chromeos (default)
  • chrome: // flags / # screen-capture (default)
  • chrome: // flags / # scanning-ui (default)
  • chrome: // flags / # app-service-adaptive-icons (default)
  • chrome: // flags / # enable-holding-space (default)
  • chrome: // flags / # holding-space-previews (default)
  • chrome: // flags / # enhanced_clipboard (default)
  • chrome: // flags / # ash-limit-alt-tab-to-active-desk (default)
  • chrome: // flags / # ash-limit-shelf-items-to-active-desk (default)
  • chrome: // flags / # enable-auto-select (default)
  • chrome://flags/#force-preferred-interval-for-video (default)
  • chrome: // flags / # files-filters-in-recents (removed in future builds)
  • chrome://flags/#copy-link-to-text (no longer recommended)
  • chrome: // flags / # enable-accessibility-live-caption (broken in OS 89)

Details describing each flag can be found below.

Here is a list of fun, but Experimental This flag is recommended for those who want to test Chrome features with a low risk of instability. It is considered safe for everyday use, but your experience may vary. Android police and Google are not responsible for data loss, unstable sessions and other damage caused by activating the Chrome flag. If something weird happens, hit the “Reset All to Defaults” button on the Chrome Flags page and back up your sessions frequently to avoid loss. Be careful to enable these flags.

Linux (beta) pointer fix

Linux (Beta) works in containers on Chrome OS, so you have access to a wide range of Linux apps like Inkscape, Audacity, and Steam. The following flags help improve your Linux environment.

  • chrome: // flags / # exo-pointer-lock
    • Can’t play games on your Chromebook because of an uncomfortable cursor? Enabling this Chrome flag allows Linux applications to request the mouse pointer required when playing Linux games on Chrome OS.

Chrome OS UI adjustment

Want to turn on some new flags that change the look of the Chrome OS UI? This flag rounds the corners and enhances the shape.

  • chrome: // flags / # ash-pip-rounded-corners
    • Did you know that rounded corners are easier on the eyes than sharp corners? Rest your eyes a little Activation PIP rounded corners.


Rounded corners make the PIP much nicer.

  • chrome: // flags / # account-management-flows-v2
    • Chrome OS has new features to organize and simplify account management. Activation Using this experimental flag can make your account setup much less.


Improved account manager interface.

  • chrome: // flags / # stylus-battery-status
    • It’s frustrating to find out that your digital pen’s battery is running low, at least as expected. To track the battery Activation This chrome flag. The battery level is displayed in the stylus settings, but currently only high and low power are displayed.


Digital pen battery in stylus tool

Increased productivity of Chrome OS

Chrome OS has some useful hidden tricks to increase your productivity.

  • chrome: // flags / # allow-scroll-settings
    • Google will soon add the ability to adjust mouse and touchpad scrolling sensitivity. Activation This Chrome flag displays a setting that enables or disables the scroll sensitivity of the touchpad and mouse.
  • chrome: // flags / # show-metered-toggle
    • Chromebooks offer many options for web connectivity, but not all networks offer unlimited data access. I was able to specify a rate limiting network using Chrome OS, but it disappeared due to a pending issue. Activation This chrome flag brings the toggle back.
  • chrome: // flags / # app-grid-ghost
      • When you drag an app from the launcher app drawer, the location where the app icon will move after lifting your finger is displayed as an outline. Activation We flag this to improve app drag usability in the launcher.


App Grid Ghost shows where the app icon will move after lifting your finger.

  • chrome: // flags / # enable-launcher-app-paging
    • When I navigate the app to another page in the Chrome OS launcher, it’s slippery and matte. To improve the usability of the launcher, Google is developing a new paging UI to make it easier to determine the location of the app icon when moving the app icon. Activation Use this Chrome flag to see some of the launcher’s improvements.

Launcher visual affordance

With launcher app paging, dragging the app to another page is less inconvenient.

  • chrome: // flags / # global-media-controls-picture-in-picture
    • Chrome OS 89 was released with better media control, but it doesn’t provide a quick and easy way to enable PIP. Activation This Chrome flag can quickly split a video into a floating window by placing a PIP button on the media control.
  • chrome: // flags / # connectivity-diagnostics-webui
    • Connectivity diagnostics help eliminate guesswork in troubleshooting network problems. It’s mostly unfinished, but we find its usefulness to be useful enough. Activation Flag.


The Connection Diagnostic app removes the guessing game from network troubleshooting.

  • chrome: // flags / # diagnostics-app
    • The diagnostic app gives you a basic overview of your device, such as displaying memory size and battery charge cycle. EnThat can be You can get useful information about your device.


The diagnostic app shows you your Chromebook’s system information.

Chrome productivity boost

Chrome is, of course, the default web browser tightly integrated into Chrome OS. Here is a list of flags that will enhance your web browsing experience.

  • chrome: // flags / # enable-quick-answers
    • Chrome OS 89 introduced Quick Answers. It’s turned on by default in most settings, but some are still missing out on this useful feature. Activation This flag gets this Chrome OS 89 feature on the system.

fast answer

  • chrome: // flags / # window-naming
    • Google is experimenting with Chrome’s window naming feature to make it easier to organize your workflow. Activation Customize the name of each Chrome window by clicking on this flag and right-clicking on the title bar of Chrome.

Rename your Chrome window to help you organize your workflow.

  • chrome: // flags / # tab-hover-card-images
    • If there are many open tabs, it may be difficult to distinguish. Activation This flag displays a preview of the webpage when you hover the cursor over a Chrome tab, and is useful for finding tabs quickly.

Tab hover card

Hover your cursor over a Chrome tab to see a preview of that tab.

  • chrome: // flags / # enable-desktop-pwas-tab-strip
    • Chrome OS launches a PWA as a single app window, so it’s annoying when you want to increase your productivity. Activation This flag helps speed up working across multiple Chrome tabs by adding Chrome’s tab bar to your PWA.

Tab Pwas

Chrome OS’s Tabbed PWA makes multitasking easier.

  • chrome: // flags / # enable-desktop-pwas-tab-strip-link-capturing
    • In the current PWA, launching a new tab creates a new Chrome instance, which breaks the focus. Activation This is this Chrome flag to fix links in PWA.
  • chrome: // flags / # intent-picker-pwa-persistence
    • Do I need a specific PWA to get started after clicking the link? Activation With this Chrome flag, you may prefer to run a PWA on your Chromebook.
  • chrome: // flags / # avatar-toolbar-button
    • If you manage your Google Account often Activation This Chrome flag adds a handy shortcut to your Google Account settings in the Chrome Toolbar.

Chrome avatar picture

Chrome’s Avatar Toolbar button gives you easy access to your Google Account.

  • chrome: // flags / # read-later
    • Read Later helps you stay productive by saving your tabs later, but some prefer the neat bookmarks bar. We recommend Disabling Use this flag to free up bookmark space.


Reading list allows you to save your chrome tabs later, but it takes space.

Improved scrolling in Chrome

Do you feel the scrolling rough when browsing webpages using Chrome? Thanks to Microsoft Edge developers, enabling these flags makes the scrolling experience much smoother.

  • chrome: // flags / # enable-experimental-fling-animation
    • This Chrome flag changes the touch inertia of Chrome to behave similarly to Microsoft’s Edge browser. Activation Softens the rambling experience.
  • chrome: // flags / # percent-based-scrolling
    • For the next step in porting Microsoft Edge’s scrolling improvements to Chrome, Edge developers introduce percentage-based mouse scrolling. This system fixes an issue where the free floating scroll wheel (e.g. Logitech MX Master) does not scroll correctly. Activation Improves free floating scrolling on Chrome OS.
  • chrome: // flags / # impulse-scroll-animations
    • Impulse scroll animation is a new system that changes the dynamics of scroll momentum. Activation This chrome flag makes the scroll feel more responsive on chromebooks.

Impulse scroll

Impulse scroll animation changes the scroll momentum. left: Impulse scroll animation. rights: There is no impulse scroll animation.

Get better Chromebook performance.

Working with slow machines is frustrating, especially when the battery doesn’t last long. One of the strengths of the Chromebook is that it’s lightweight, so the system feels more agile than most. There are a few flags that can speed up your Chromebook, but they can pose security issues.

  • chrome: // flags / # scheduler-configuration
    • Chrome OS has disabled Hyper-Threading on some Intel-based Chromebooks for the following reasons: CPU MDS vulnerability. inspection cog Check if some cores are disabled. If the performance loss of the disabled core is too great for the use case Activation Flag to regain core- Be careful.
  • chrome: // flags / # force-spectre-v2-mitigation
    • recent Specter Intel’s Variant 2 mitigation reduces the likelihood of a malicious attacker exploiting your Chromebook. However, this can significantly reduce the performance of your computer. Determining speed and security is not easy, but if you need better CPU performance, you can: Disabled This Chrome flag — Be careful.

Improve Chrome’s performance

The Chrome web browser is agile and robust, but some people complain about the Chromebook’s performance. These flag sets are slightly Improves the performance of Chrome.

  • chrome: // flags / # turn-off-streaming-media-caching
    • Previously, Chrome cached media content to disk during acquisition and playback. Keeping the disk active increases power consumption and prevents certain low power modes from being used. Activation This Chrome flag prevents caching of certain media content to disk to improve battery life.
  • chrome: // flags / # tab-groups-collapse-freezing
    • Chromebooks that run out of RAM can slow performance if you have multiple Chrome tabs open in a tab group. Activation This Chrome flag, which puts tabs to sleep mode, collapsed within a group of tabs to reduce memory usage.

This is all about the useful flags of Chrome OS 89 we recommend trying. We can’t wait for these features to roll out to all users, and we’re excited to see Chrome OS growing even further over the coming weeks and months.


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