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Owasco judge resigns after allegations of ‘unauthorized’ communications about 2019 case





Mark Owasco Justice DiVietro, sits, stands in court in September 2018. DiVietro investigations into the text of the letter sent resigned after his girlfriend and unauthorized communications from criminal charges.

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An Owasco village near public justice Conduct Commission has resigned in the trial commenced investigations into misconduct allegations.

Mark DiVietro, because justice in 2011, resigned effective March 15 resignation letter sent to him two judges Owasco supervisor Wagner and Ed – Mark the chief judge of the Administrative Court in New York state, and Arabic ratio Craig Doran, the administrative judge of the Judicial 7 District, which includes Cayuga counties.

The envoys, on the nones of many complaints against him, that I might seek to inform the DiVietro in July 2020, he sent him text messages to the arguments which they exercise are friendly with the record contained, as well as about threats of his former participation in it. According to the commission, the commands’ crowd rude, demeaning and / or in-kind featured in the most common and discharged. ”

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In the second session concerning DiVietro was out of town Owasco in the square on equity 2019. Robert Brown, who has been arrested, the sheriff’s deputy who is a former Cayuga County accused of falsifying time cards while working in Moravia police.

According to the command DiVietro often engaged in unauthorized communications on the part of the cause of many other people. “He was also accused of giving advice brown appearance in the court on how to avoid guns proposed law.