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Photo: Michelle McCool shows off new look after drastic hair makeover



Former WWE Superstar Michelle McCool she recently drastically transformed and revealed her new look on Instagram.

Michelle McCool gained a name during her five years WWE main census conducted between 2006-11. She occasionally showed up at the company after retiring.

McCool is quite active on Instagram. The former WWE Superstar recently posted a bunch of pictures showing her wearing a braided hairstyle, and she seems to have wanted to try it out for a while.

Check out a screenshot of McCoole’s story below. You can also go to her Instagram Story for more pictures.

WWE veteran Michelle McCool's new hairstyle
WWE veteran Michelle McCool’s new hairstyle

WWE fans had a day on Twitter reacting to McCool’s new hairstyle:

No Michelle McCool gets the braids in the box !! NNOOOO !!!

Michelle McCool has not stepped into the ring since 2018

Michelle McCool did pretty well in WWE back when she was a regular actor on SmackDown. She is a two-time champion in divas, and she also held the women’s title on two occasions. Fans of McCool mostly remember her running with Layla, and the duo called themselves ‘LayCool’.

The two superstars later split up and clashed with each other. Layla defeated McCool in the “Loser Leaves WWE” game at Extreme Rules 2011. Years later, discovered the reason for her decision to call it ceases:

“It was hard just leaving on its own was hard because there came a time when I was so busy again mostly with being Undertaker’s girlfriend and why I was on TV and even when the writer one day threw newspaper and said ‘Why don’t we just call it a Michelle McCool and Undertaker show ?!’ It was non-stop and I went to Vince many times and blessed his heart, he was wonderful but I just said Vince, I don’t want to to hate something I’ve grown so much and the longer I stay the more I’m like I have a sour taste in my mouth.So the decision to leave was as difficult as it is now, but more than wanting to be in the WWE or be a champion I always wanted to be a mom, ”Michelle McCool said.

Seven years after retiring, McCool has returned to perform in the first women’s Royal Rumble match of 2018. She later took part in the Royal Battle of the WWE Evolution.

Michelle McCool enjoys her life away from the square circle if her Instagram posts are a hint. What do you think of her new look?