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Player #067 from MrBeast’s Squid Game reacts to all the fame she received following the success of the project 




Camilla Araujo, or as the community popularly knows her, player # 067, climbed to the pinnacle of fame after appearing in MrBeast’s viral YouTube video of Squid Game. She said she was stunned by the sudden fame.

MrBest’s recreation of the popular Korean Netflix series was an instant hit. It had more than 130 million views in less than a week, and broke several ratings records on the red platform shortly after it came out.

Despite criticism for plagiarism, Squid gamecreator, Hwang Dong-hyuk, even welcomed the recreation of a philanthropic streamer.

But MrBeast isn’t the only one to have gained worldwide fame for his chef-d’oeuvre Squid Game. Player number 067 from recreation was also among the great celebrities, which pleasantly surprised her.

Player # 067 talks about the attention she received after appearing in MrBeast’s Squid Game

Camilla Araujo has grown from 7,000 followers on Instagram to an incredible 107,000 in just a few days after MrBeast’s video Squid Game came out live. Araujo said she was amazed at the amount of love she received after appearing in the viral project.

In the December 8 episode of Noah Beck Beckseat Driver, Player # 067 clarified what happened after the success Squid Game recreation.

Araujo admitted that she was in the cinema when her phone suddenly started to explode. Here is what she said:

“When I say‘ blow up ’, I mean, blowing up! I don’t even know how to describe it. ” The video came out around 4, right? Am I watch it, and I didn’t have Twitter. People sent me screenshots like, ‘Oh my God, everyone’s trying to find you!’ Then my Instagram starts going crazy. It was completely crazy. “

Interestingly, Araujo is not the only # 067 to find himself in the midst of many unexpected loves and fame. HoYeon Jung, who played player # 067 on the Netflix show, also received many accolades for her work. She gathered an unforeseen 20 million followers on Instagram Squid gameinternational recognition.

Araujo is currently a student, but she reiterated how much she loves creating content. Furthermore, Araujo also pointed out that she wants to become an influencer and reciprocate to the community in the same way MrBeast has over the years.



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