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Pokemon Go: How to beat Cliff in December 2021




Rocket GO’s team Cliff has renewed its team for the month of December in Pokemon GO.

With these Team GO rocket battles, some may be harder than others. Occasionally their team will have decent type coverage, but they will often have obvious weaknesses. The latter definitely applies to Cliff this month, and there are a few huge holes in his team.

Which Pokemon should trainers use to beat Cliff in December?

To counter Cliff, coaches will first need to know what Cliff is using. Cliff will lead with Grimmer in the month of December. All possible Pokemon that Cliff can use are as follows:

  • lead: Makeup
  • Second: Venusaur, Machamp or Crobat
  • last: Charizard, Arcanine or Tyrant

When they look at this team, careful trainers might immediately notice that both Grimmer and his potential other Pokemon have the same weakness: psychic types. Inflict super effective damage against poisonous types (Grimer, Crobat and Venusaur) and combat types (Machamp).

Therefore, a coach with a strong mental type like Alakazam or Espeon will have two thirds of Cliff’s team already defeated. All that remains is a third Pokemon, which can be Charizard, Arcanine or Tyranitar – two types of fire and type Rock.

Yes, all three have one weakness: Water. That means the coach could literally beat Cliff’s entire team with two Pokemon.

After the Ed Sheeran event, many coaches should have access to at least one strong type of water. During that event, most water-type starters were available (Squirtle, Mudkip, Piplup, etc.).

Slowking could potentially win this match myself (Picture via The Pokemon Company)
Slowking could potentially win this match myself (Picture via The Pokemon Company)

Coaches who have played for at least the last few months should also be supplied with Psychic-type Pokemon. During the season of mischief, which was focused on Hoop, psychics and ghost types often appeared and appeared in many events.

While trainers can win this battle with two Pokemon, why bring two? Since they are both psychics and water, both Slowbro and Slowpoke can beat Cliff on their own. The only Pokemon they could take care of is the Tyrant with Crunch, but otherwise, either of them simply overturns Cliff.



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