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Pokemon GO: How to remove Frustration move from Shadow Pokemon




Pokemon GO players may at least in the coming days finally be able to get rid of the FrustrationTM that takes up a moving slot on their Shadow Pokemon.

The fact that Shadow Pokemon only has frustration as a charging move is, well, frustrating. It is a move of 10 forces that costs 70 energy. At that point, coaches are better off continuing to use faster moves. Many trainers catch the rare and powerful Shadow Pokemon only to be disappointed when they can’t replace this inferior move with another charge move that can do more damage. That, however, should not be a matter of the short-term future.

How to give Shadow Pokemon a decent charging move

Usually the only way to remove Frustration from the Shadow of Pokemon is purification. This, however, almost nullifies the purpose, as the trainers want to keep the intensified attack from Shadow Pokemon without frustration.

During Luminous Legends Y However, players will be allowed to change the Frustration for a fee of TM. All players have to do is select the Shadow Pokemon they want to modify, enter the item tab, select EliteTM if they have one, and if not, click ChargeTM. This should be a low-risk decision because, no matter which move comes from TM, it is guaranteed to be better than frustration.

The Luminous Legends Y event ends on May 18, after which no Shadow Pokem will be able to replace their Frustration moves. Niantic has already done this during special events at Pokemon GO. There’s no word on when the next big event will happen after Luminous Legends, so there’s no point in waiting. All trainers who want powerful shadow Pokemon with two sustainable charging moves should really take this opportunity now.

The ability to swap Frustration moves should be great news for players as Shadow Pokemon are still some of the most dominant forces in Pokemon GO. Several Pokemon, such as Metagross, Salamence and Machamp, are all highly skilled Pokemon in targets. That goes without saying, but Shadow Mewtwo is probably the most powerful Pokemon the game has ever seen.