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Pokemon GO: Misunderstood Mischief Special Research tasks and rewards




Pokemon GO Season of Mischief is underway, and his central Pokemon, Hoopa, has finally fully emerged.

As part of Trouble Season, players will be able to explore Hoop’s behavior during the Special Research Story along with Professor Willow.

Although only one phase of research is currently available, Niantic will update the progress of the research story during the Season of Mischief.

Pokemon GO: The first set of misunderstood Mischief tasks

While there
Although there are currently not many tasks available in Hoopa’s Special Research Story, Niantic will introduce additional tasks throughout the trouble season (Image via Niantic)

Niantic has confirmed that Misunderigned Mischief will be gradually released in Pokemon GO during the season of mischief. However, currently one phase of research is already available and not too much effort should be put in by the coach.

You can find research assignments and their rewards below:

Phase 1 of 16

  • Make 10 good throws: One incense
  • Use incense: 10 pokeballs
  • Take three shots of the psychic type of wild Pokemon: 10 Nanab berries
  • After completing all three tasks in this step, Pokemon GO trainers will receive 1,000 XP and a meeting with Pokemon Gothit.

These goals should be fairly simple for most Pokemon GO players. Performing 10 nice throws is easy if the trainers can hit the Pokemon inside the target ring during the catch encounter. After that, players will receive incense that they can use to perform another task.

Shooting wild psychic-type Pokemon should also be an easy process, given that Pokemon GO’s Psychic Spectacular event is coming soon (September 8 – September 13, 2021). Before that, there should be several psychic types in the wild because of the current season.

With another 15 steps of research tasks leading to a showdown with Hoop, it will be interesting to see what Professor Willow reveals and how Niantic will implement additional tasks.

The rewards, however, are likely to be worth the effort as this particular research story took several months to create, starting with Hoop’s mischief during the Pokemon GO Fest 2021 and the Ultra Unlock event.

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