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Pokemon YouTuber SmallAnt shows how poor Drifblim’s moveset can be




Drifblim certainly has one of the strangest movepools Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Although he is a flying type as well as a ghost type, the only flying movements that Drifblim can learn are Tailwind and Gust. He learns some powerful Ghost movements, such as Shadow Ball, but the rest of his pool of movements is dedicated to unusually useful moves. YouTuber SmallAnt recently showed how sad Drifblim’s move can be.

YouTuber avoids bad moves on Pokemon

During a recent video, SmallAnt raised his Drifloon to level 24, where he could learn three moves at once (Stockpile, Spit Up and Swallow). However, YouTuber said not for all three.

Stocking, spitting, and swallowing are three moves, introduced in Generation III, that are designed to combine with each other. Stockpile raises both Pokémon defense statistics for the phase. Can be used up to three times.

After using Stockpile, Pokemon can use Swallow to restore their health or Spit to damage an opponent. Each time Pokemon boosts with Stockpile, Swallow will heal more HP and Spit Up will do more damage.

This strategy can be very awkward to tackle, especially when using a thin Pokemon. However, as SmallAnt has shown, Drifloon doesn’t do very well with these moves.

Drifloon can be found outside Valley Windworks on Fridays (Picture via The Pokemon Company)
Drifloon can be found outside Valley Windworks on Fridays (Picture via The Pokemon Company)

And Drifoon and his evolution, Drifblim, are unusual in that they have huge HP statistics, but are otherwise rather weak. Drifloon gets 90 base HPs that reach 150 HP when developed. However, with 34 defensive and 44 special defense forces, it will be difficult for him to hit the tank.

In addition, Drifloon and Drifblim are often used as offensive Pokemon. They can also spam Shadow Ball and learn other coverage moves via TMs such as Psychic, Thunderbolt and Thunder.

If some coaches want their Drifloon, they’ll want to take a look in front of the Valley Windworks building on Friday night. If coaches don’t want to wait this long, they can always change the date and time on their Switch through their Settings menu.

It is highly recommended that every coach at least fight this Drifloon, just to help finish Sinnoh Pokedex.

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