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Poonam Yadav admits spinners have failed to deliver against South Africa




Older Indian leg spinner Poonam Yadav admitted that the slow bowling department had let the team down ODI series against South Africa.

The Indian Women landed in South Africa with seven goalkeepers in the fourth ODI in Lucknow, to give the visitors an untouchable 3-1 lead. Poonam Yadav has not managed to take a single goalkeeper in the four matches so far.

Speaking at a pre-match virtual press conference ahead of Wednesday’s final ODI, the 29-year-old said spinners focus on how to influence when the pitch doesn’t offer help.

“We beat South Africa in South Africa, and also when they came here. But our spin attack hasn’t been as successful now. So we’re talking about what we can work on in the exercises. We’re discussing if wicket isn’t what we’re going to help “And then what? When wicket doesn’t help, what changes can we make, we focus on that,” Yadav said.

“In the T20s we will try to be better” – Poonam Yadav

Although the ODI series did not go their way, Poonam Yadav is confident that the team will show a better performance in the T20I series of three matches.

“We will try to do better in the T20s. We may have failed to implement our plans in the ODIs. But we are working on that and we will improve in the upcoming matches,” she said.

On her own below-level performance, Poonam Yadav said:

“Being a senior player, I failed to fulfill the role I have in the team in these matches. But further, I will try to perform according to the needs of the team, because in T20, if you can’t enter the goalkeepers, you can’t keep them.”

Poonam Yadav revealed that she added some variations to her bowling during the break forced by COVID-19. However, she added that some work still needs to be done in that area.

“I added variations. I added a fin, tried it in the match, but we’re playing after a long time because of COVID-19. It might take a little longer to sort it out. I have to work harder on the fin,” Leggie said.

Yadav also admitted that bowling Harmanpreet Kaur is a bonus for the Indian team. The ODI deputy captain scalped several goalkeepers with his off-spin in the current series.

“We talk a little bit, she asks what her ball was like because on the field only a bowler can help another. She worked on her bowling and did well. If a ball in T20, it will help our team,” Poonam Yadav said at Kaur’s bowling .

Posted March 16, 2021, 6:13 PM IST