Many old Android enthusiasts who have fallen into rooting or ROMing over the past decade will remember Dirty Unicorns as nostalgic memories. Sadly, all that will remain in the name from today onwards are those memories. Dirty Unicorns decided to shut down.

It may be too old for many readers, but in 2012 Dirty Unicorns started out as an unnamed AOKP fork. Some are just another classic ROM you can remember and one of my personal favorite ROMs. This was when Google’s platform was really successful in the era of Android 4.x/Jelly Bean, the rooting phone was an easy process and the ROM was introducing some pretty amazing and unique features.

Recently, Dirty Unicorns has built a reputation for offering some sort of Pixel-on-steroid experience, and although it may not have been successful with larger long-term ROMs like LineageOS (née CyanogenMod), it has been in the past decade. It even One of my recommended ROMs When my beloved Nexus 6 lost its official update in 2017.

Sadly in less than a year Go back to XDA, Dirty Unicorns day is over. The project has announced a permanent server shutdown starting tomorrow. Dirty Unicorns’ Github will continue to work, and enterprising new developers are free to use the new ROMs. However, the almost old (in Android terminology) ROM is saying goodbye.