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Progressive groups launch $30 million effort to push voting rights legislation




The plan of End Citizens United / Let America Vote and the National Democratic Redistricting Committee is to spend $ 20 million on a digital and television advertising campaign and $ 10 million on a grassroots effort to try to pass the legislation.

“Our goal is to get support to pass this bill and show Senate members that its members believe this is a bill that only needs to be passed,” said Adam Bozzi, vice president of communications for End Citizens United / Let America Vote.

The bill, which was passed by the Democratic-led House earlier this month, would expand access to the vote and improve transparency and accountability in Washington. But it comes when state legislatures led by the Republican Party have introduced efforts to reduce voting rights.

Bozzi said the groups’ efforts will focus on both Democrats and Republicans, but reiterated that their ultimate goal is to ensure that the bill is passed, whether or not it gets bipartisan support.

“We will run for the Republicans,” Bozzi said, but “with either 60 votes or some change in procedure, we need to put this bill in a position to pass it.”

The ad campaign is expected to run initially in Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Maine and Pennsylvania, and will eventually be expanded to 12 to 15 states. It was previously reported by The New York Times.

The grassroots effort is expected to include calls and emails to senators, outreach to local activists, and funding for national and state partners to reach their members.

“If we ban gerrymandering, protect the right to vote, and return power to the people, we can have a government that begins to prioritize the needs of its members over special interests,” said Kelly Ward Burton, chair of the redistriction.