Proven Digital Innovations to Scale-Up Business Operations

Vast improvements in digital technology have propelled the competitive market to achieve business transformation and create more effective ways of doing business. 

Embracing digital innovation has proven to lead to better business operations, and ultimately, higher customer satisfaction. But what exactly is digital innovation?

At its core, it applies to digital technologies and solutions that improve existing business processes and labour productivity, and it aims to enhance customer experience and increase brand reputation and profitability.

Greenhouse Systems succeeds in working with businesses to achieve this goal. By providing efficient and cost-effective technology solutions, network support, and strategic guidance, they help businesses accelerate their position in competitive industries while growing their market share.

Greenhouse Systems recently worked with an already industry-leading brand to further scale their operations and address expansion requirements resulting from rapid business growth, to ensure continued customer satisfaction.

About the client

BigScoots is a premium fully-managed shared, reseller, VPS, and dedicated web hosting industry leader. Operating in a highly competitive market, they go beyond just dedicated and shared hosting. 

With eight years of successfully delivering to tens of thousands of clients of all sizes from around the world, BigScoots is constantly looking to scale up its operations. 

Its mission is to provide a higher value proposition for clients, offer a fully managed experience, and surpass its commitment to delivering business-changing services.

How it Started

BigScoots initially engaged Greenhouse Systems to transform their SolarWinds network monitoring solution. 

Greenhouse Systems was initially tasked with assisting during network and infrastructure updates, which was successfully actioned several times on an ad-hoc basis. 

As Greenhouse Systems began to provide escalation support to BigScoots, it became apparent that interruptions were largely due to accelerated growth. Network disruptions are common for any provider. The challenge is to resolve them.

BigScoots’ customer guarantee includes 24/7 hands-on management that’s always available, with a 99.99% uptime. Downtime is not an option. BigScoots prides itself on the positive reviews it receives for their ability to handle, manage, and effectively communicate with clients. 

How it Ended

With this, the work of Greenhouse Systems evolved into a management/support agreement, combined with a Next-Generation Monitoring platform to address the issue. 

“Greenhouse Systems regularly works above and beyond the scope of their engagement to troubleshoot and resolve business operational issues that impede our ability to consistently offer the level of service BigScoots has always been known for, and which customer demand absolutely expects of us,” said BigScoots CEO, Scott Stapley.

Greenhouse Systems reimagined BigScoots’ network by providing them with: 

The network redesign and implementation were completed using technologies (EVPN, VXLAN) that are typically reserved for the big players in this space, achieving the following outcomes:

The bottom line is that companies lacking digital innovation are facing an uphill battle to grow their business and reach their greatest potential. Providing efficient and cost-effective technology innovations will allow businesses to be well-positioned in the competitive industry, whilst also increasing their market share.

Greenhouse Systems Director, Matt Maxwell, said the interests of BigScoots customers were at the forefront of their efforts. “We’re thrilled with the outcomes that Greenhouse Systems was able to deliver, all within budget.” 


Investing in the right technology not only makes a tremendous difference in customer experience, it will also ensure long-term success for the business. 

If your operations require powerful and usable IT solutions, specialist engineers at Greenhouse Systems can help make the impossible possible.

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