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Psaki expertly slaps down a question from a Fox News reporter fishing for a “disaster” soundbite




With its recent passage of a historic $ 1.9 trillion bill that would help drastically reduce poverty, the Biden administration clarified that the White House is once again focused on doing the work of American citizens. After four years of plutocracy, incompetence, and weapons of racism under Donald Trump, Democrats are claiming the state ship.

Biden’s rise and the return of responsible management put the right-wing media machine in an inexplicable position. In the Trump years, outlets wanted Fox News did everything to whitewash the atrocities and mistakes of his administration. Now that he is gone they have pivoted back to attacking the presidency in predicted partisan fashion but since Biden has no scandals and no mistakes so far they are forced to invent wedge issues.

Immigration is there quickly became a favorite subject of conservatives speaking head on again and they want us to believe that there is an absolute border crisis caused by the Biden administration. The same people who turned a blind eye as Donald Trump separated families, imprisoned children in jails, and threw racist rhetoric left and right now who want to pretend they are the moral authorities in the border situation .

Today, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was pressed on the issue of the border Fox’s Peter Doocy. He asked if The deployment of FEMA on the border meaning the situation there turned out to be “a disaster,” clearly fishing for a rhetorical slippage that his network could have imprisoned for their xenophobic viewers.

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“I know we’ve always had fun with the labels around here but I will say that our focus is on solutions and this is one of the steps that the president felt would help – not be a final solution – but help speed up processing. , ”Psaki said. “Help make sure people coming to the border have access to health and medical care. Obviously, the numbers are enormous. It’s a huge challenge and it’s certainly a reflection of the federal government’s use of every lever to help. meet it. “

“In particular at FEMA, their mission is to help people before or during and after disasters. We’ve heard you say it’s ‘a problem,’ that it’s a ‘challenge.’ Is now a ‘disaster?’ “Doocy asked, shamelessly reaching that sound. Psaki sailed again, explaining that FEMA was on the ground next to the border to provide the necessary resources to the people crossing. By refusing to perform the small Doocy’s word game and instead focused on the material efforts the administration made to improve the situation on the border he expertly avoided reaching the right media with more bullets.

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