Stadia’s library of available games is growing steadily, even if it’s slow. The upcoming two newest titles aren’t groundbreaking in any way, but they’ll be adding sequels to the popular platform series and acclaimed 3D action games.

first Trine 4, 2D movement using 3D graphics, the latest version of the 2.5D platformer series. In fact, the graphics in the fourth release are as vivid and detailed as you can see in almost any hardware-intensive full 3D game that is ideal for the Stadia release. Trine Hook is that you can instantly swap three characters (Mage, Ranger, Knight) with their own abilities and movement traits, all of which are better for solving many physics-based puzzles on the stage. Trine 4 It works well as a single player game, but also offers cooperative games for up to 4 players locally or online. Already released on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Switch.

Blue fire Is an indie 3D action platform game focused on massive and challenging levels that require precise navigation. A mix of difficult battles and cute and dark graphics Hollow Knight. Reviewers praised the tight controls and customizable character builds. Players who are easily frustrated may not appreciate the challenge, but Metroidvania fans enjoy exploring previous levels with the new itinerant ability. Currently available on PC and Switch.

Trine 4 Released in 2019, but Blue fire It is more recent than last month. The games are sold for $30 and $20 respectively. There There are no specific release dates for both games. On the service (developer Blue fire It says it will land in’Spring 2021′, but it seems to indicate that the promotional video will be available soon.