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Qualcomm will dish out custom CPUs for laptops next year




Qualcomm 8cX macro

  • Qualcomm said the first custom CPUs that are part of the Nuvia deal will be sampled next year.
  • Chip makers have confirmed that these CPUs will initially be designed for laptops.

Qualcomm Announced a deal Purchase of a chip design company Nubia It was founded earlier this year by influential Apple and Arm engineer Gerard Williams III.

At the time of the deal announcement, Qualcomm said that Nuvia’s CPUs will be installed in flagship phones and laptops. Now the San Diego company has just announced that it has completed the acquisition, but has also disclosed key plans as a result of the deal.

“The first Qualcomm Snapdragon platform with Qualcomm’s new internally designed CPU will be sampled in the second half of 2022 and will be designed for high-performance ultraportable laptops.” press release Posted by the company.

When can you expect these custom CPUs?

Typically, it takes a long time between a manufacturer’s sample of the silicone and its appearance in a commercial product. So, you can expect Qualcomm’s custom CPUs to be featured in lightweight laptops at the end of 2022 or 2023.

Nevertheless, this is the first time I’ve seen a custom Qualcomm CPU inside a laptop. And it’s hard not to see this as a move for both Apple and the latest Arm-based computers running. Apple M1 Processor.

There’s no mention of when Qualcomm and Nubia’s new custom CPUs will ship in phones, but we’re speculating that the thermally constrained environment of smartphones is a far bigger hurdle to overcome than the laptop space.


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