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Questions swirl as Don Jr. sells his Hamptons mansion for almost twice what he paid for it




Much has been done to Donald Trump’s financial turmoil in the wake of his corrupt and disastrous presidency, including $ 900 million in debts due to be paid immediately and his net worth decrease of $ 700 million during his term in office.

However, despite the bleak financial picture now facing Trump and his family, at least one member of his family with real-estate knowledge is spreading the money by selling property in a massive markup from their purchase price quite shortly after it is purchased.

According to the UK Daily Mail, Donald Trump Jr. and girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle reportedly sold their mansion in the toney climes of Bridgehampton, NY for $ 8.14 million after buying it for less than $ 4.5 million just two years ago.

The luxury estate they sold consists of a 9,200-square-foot, seven-bedroom mansion, set on 3.9 acres, and includes a heated gunite pool and spa, a waterfall, and a local beach within walking distance, restaurants, and expensive luxury shops in the nearby village.

While it is not reported how much Junior and his boss spent on repairing the property, the difference of $ 3.6 million between the purchase price and the sale price likely includes a hefty income for on an asset that is very valuable very quickly.

Suspiciously, the Hamptons property was never listed publicly in many of the listing services commonly used by realtors, and the identity of the buyer is still unknown.

Because of allegations that the Trump Organization is an advocate for laundering foreign currency which is perhaps less than legitimate sources, questions have been raised about the transaction of wags on social media.

No matter to whom the property buyer should be, Don Jr. and Kimberly should be left with enough money to put a large downpayment on their next home in Florida, where they are allegedly looking for property on Jupiter to close to his father in Mar- a-Lago and his sister and Jared in their possession on an exclusive island known as the “billionaire bunker.”

An additional benefit for couples parking their real estate assets in Florida is the state’s generous protection for property owners in cases of losses that shield debtors from trouble. deprivation of their homes to pay lenders – something that faced a person of a potential civil and criminal. lawsuits will definitely be accepted.

And, as New York state prosecutors begin to release the newly acquired tax return from Donald Trump Sr. and in the Trump Organization, protecting his assets may be paramount in Don Jr.’s mind.

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Original reporting by Bevan Hurley of The Daily Mail.

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