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Rafael Nadal claims he is not thinking about RG after Madrid 3r win, talks about bubble life and Real Madrid’s Champions League exit




Rafael Nadal defeated Australian Alexei Popirin 6-3, 6-2 on Thursday to advance to the quarterfinals of the Madrid Masters for the seventh time in a row. While many believe Nadal is rounding up in form at the right time, the man himself claimed at his post-match press conference that he is not currently thinking about Roland Garros.

Nadal argued that he instead focuses on short-term goals that require him to continue working on self-improvement.

“I’m in Madrid. I don’t mean Roland Garros when I’m in Madrid or (about) what I’m missing or what I have,” Rafael Nadal said after winning the third round. “I try to be better every day. I don’t believe in special processes of preparation for something special, but in short-term work, and that is Madrid, medium-term Roland Garros and the long-term whole season.”

The Spaniard will enter the French Open as a four-time defending champion, trying to extend his record of 13 titles in Paris. This year’s win will also make Rafael Nadal the biggest record grand slam titles in the history of men’s tennis.

The 34-year-old further claimed that from now on there are no complaints about his game.

“I am happy because I competed and I am fine,” said Nadal. “I reached the fourth (quarterfinals) in Monte Carlo, I won Barcelona and here I am already (in) the quarter. Playing and winning matches gives you confidence. I can do better, but today I have no objections to my game and I can accept steps forward . “

Although the result does not suggest that, Alexei Popirin occasionally challenged Rafael Nadal with his serve. In this context, Nadal very much welcomed the Australian delivery like a ‘cannon’.

“The opponent was very tough because he hit all the balls,” Nadal said. “The pitch was very fast, dry and it was hard to get. Popirin has a serve that is top. He missed (a few) but hit a lot.”

Rafael Nadal says he lacks contact with people, but admits tennis players are “lucky”

Rafael Nadal
Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal also commented on life in bio-bubbles that are safe for COVID, and how privileged it is to participate in competitive tennis action during a pandemic. The Spaniard claimed it was unfortunate that he could not get out of his hotel room to “separate” himself from tennis, but argued that tennis players are lucky to compete.

“You miss contact with people,” Rafael Nadal said. “You want to get out of the routine and for tennis players who are used to going out and breaking up, in this case you have to stay in a hotel. We are happy to be in good hotels, lucky and have what we need at hand. Zero complaints and I hope that we’ll be back to normal soon. “

Rafael Nadal went on to acknowledge the difficulties of isolation for younger players, especially those who cannot afford to choose a schedule. However, he continued, repeating that the discomfort felt by athletes is “nothing” compared to what others suffered during the pandemic.

“We had a difficult year and it is normal that there are people who lose motivation and get tired,” said Rafael Nadal. “I’m almost 35 years old and at some other time in my life … (so) I could have decided to play more or less, and others can’t and need to play every week and go from club to hotel and from hotel to club. But that rudeness has nothing to do with the reality that other families in the world have suffered, in terms of health, work or business. “

“I am very proud of Real Madrid” – Rafael Nadal after Champions league Exit

Real Madrid bowed out of the Champions League semi-finals on Wednesday
Real Madrid bowed out of the Champions League semi-finals on Wednesday

Rafael Nadal also spoke about Real Madrid’s defeat by Chelsea in the UEFA Champions League semi-final rematch on Wednesday.

Madrid traveled to London after drawing the first game 1-1, but lost the game 2-0 against Chelsea – which knocked them out of the tournament. Rafael Nadal is a passionate Los Blancos fan and claimed to be “proud” of his team for reaching the semi-finals despite all the injuries he has suffered this season.

“I watched the game. As a spectator I have to say I am very proud of my team,” Rafael Nadal said. “Of course I don’t like to lose. With all the difficulties we’ve had during the season, 60 injuries, it’s hard to be where we were until Wednesday, fighting for the two most important competitions we play: the Champions League semi-finals and the sequel fighting for the League.”

World no. 2 also talked about what it means to have legends Luis Figo i Ronaldo Nazario represented the team. Nadal claimed to be his lover – who played with his uncle Miguel Angel Nadal in Barcelona in the 1990s.

“I always admire the best athletes,” Nadal said. “I’m a sports fan. When I was a kid, Ronaldo played in Barcelona with his uncle. He was one of my favorite footballers of all time, one of the best I’ve ever seen them play.”