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Ranking the chestplate enchantments in Minecraft




The chest in Minecraft provides players with additional protection from damage from external forces.

In Minecraft, there are six different types of crates that players can have. These include leather (weakest), chain mail, gold, iron, diamond and netherite (strongest).

Chest plates, like any other armor Minecraft, can be enchanted. Chest plates have a total of nine charms that players can put on them. Additionally to making players look cool, chest plates provide them with protection.

On the chest plates in Minecraft, we rank the spells from best to worst!

Minecraft Chest Charm ranked from best to worst!


(Picture via RajCraft on YouTube)
(Picture via RajCraft on YouTube)

Protection will most likely always be at the top of the list when ranking the armor enchantment in Minecraft. Protection is one of the best charms in Minecraft because of how much the player benefits from it.

Protection reduces the amount of damage a player inflicts when hitting their armor. Protection saves players not only from hits, but also from total damage. Besides protecting players from lava and fire, it also reduces damage from every other attack in Minecraft.

The maximum level of enchantment for protection is protection four.


(Image via xisumavoid on YouTube)
(Image via xisumavoid on YouTube)

As with protection, repair is always at the top of the list. Correction is a spell that fixes a player’s armor using XP. Whatever XP XP player earns while wearing the chest pad will go towards improving the durability of the chest pad, instead of moving to the level of player experience.

Correction is a rare enchantment in the Minecraft world, and enchantment is also a treasure. This means that players will not be able to find a fixing spell on the spell table. You can find fixes all over Minecraft World, but it’s pretty hard to find. The player will simply have to be lucky.


(Picture via Reddit)
(Picture via Reddit)

Unbreaking is a universal charm for almost everyone in the game that can be enchanted. Breaking increases the durability of an item and gives players more benefits from it.

Unbreakable magic is useful for armor when a player is in a PvP fight or when a player is playing in advanced game mode. The maximum level of breaking spell is the third level.


(Picture via gamepedia)
(Picture via gamepedia)

The enchantment of thorns allows players to reflect damage back to the enemy when it strikes him. Thorns is a good spell for owning PvP game modes.

Thorns are solid magic, but the problem is that they break the player’s armor faster.

The maximum level of enchantment for enchanting thorns is the third level.

Fire protection

(Picture via RajCraft on YouTube)
(Picture via RajCraft on YouTube)

Fire protection is a spell in Minecraft that reduces all fire damage a player inflicts on the chest. Fire protection is the second best protection spell in the Minecraft world.

Fire protection protects players from as much as 80% of fire damage, so they fall in Nether it won’t hurt that much!

Missile protection

(Picture via RajCraft on YouTube)
(Picture via RajCraft on YouTube)

Minecraft missile protection protects players from air damage. Reduces damage from things like arrows, burst bullets, thrown tridents, flaming fireballs, etc.

This spell can be of great help to you as you try to get shackles or flame bars. The maximum level of projectile protection enchantment is the fourth level.

Explosion protection

(Picture via RajCraft on YouTube) (Picture via RajCraft on Youtube)
(Picture via RajCraft on YouTube) (Picture via RajCraft on Youtube)

Like the name, explosion protection protects players from explosions and explosions. Explosion protection is very handy against creepers, as they are one of the deadliest mobs in Minecraft.

Explosion protection can protect players from fireworks. It also protects them from TNT, horrible fireballs and old crystals!

The maximum level of magic for explosion protection is the level of magic four.

The curse of bonding

(Picture via Reddit)
(Picture via Reddit)

The bond curse is one of the worst spells for putting armor in Minecraft, unless the player never plans to take the item off, at least for a while.

The spell binding curse prevents players from removing armor from the armor slot once it is set. It remains in the player’s armor slot until it breaks or the player dies.

The curse of bonding is also the enchantment of treasure. This means that players will not be able to find it on the magic table.

The curse of disappearance

(Picture via RajCraft on YouTube)
(Picture via RajCraft on YouTube)

The curse of disappearance enchantment forces the player’s items to disappear after death. This fascination can sometimes be a curse for a player.

The curse of the disappearance of enchantment is also the enchantment of treasure that can only be found in the Minecraft world, and not on the enchantment table.

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