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Rare high risk threat for powerful tornadoes and severe storms issued for parts of South




According to the Storm Prediction Center, the level of risk of tornadoes and severe storms has been raised to the maximum possible (5 out of 5). It is a rare level of risk, is only used once or twice a year on average.
The worst of the weather is likely to extend from parts of the lower Mississippi Valley to the southeast later Wednesday and into the night, with several rounds of possible storms for parts of Mississippi and Alabama. according to the center.

More than eleven million people in the region are at greater risk Wednesday for strong, long tornadoes that could stay on the ground longer than the typical few minutes, CNN meteorologist Michael Guy said. This includes places from the lower Mississippi Valley to Alabama, including Memphis; Birmingham and Montgomery, Alabama; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Little Rock, Arkansas and Jackson, Mississippi.

Residents of northwest Louisiana are advised to pass through downtown Mississippi and the far west of Alabama to take precautions, as there are especially favorable environmental conditions for dangerous tornadoes.

Storms can be a “life-threatening event”

Birmingham National Weather Service, Alabama, warned that “strong to violent tornadoes” are expected. Some areas have a high risk of violent long-haul tornadoes, with wind damage of more than 80 mph, as well as tennis ball-sized hail. dit.
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The Alabama Emergency Management Agency warned storms could be a “dangerous and life-threatening event.”
Kay Ivey, Governor of Alabama issued the state of emergency, saying in a statement Tuesday that it did so “with great caution.”

“Projections show it is likely to be a widespread event, with some of the most severe weather forecast for Wednesday night early in the morning,” Ivey said in a statement.

“Make preparations now, in case your area is affected in any way. I will continue to monitor the system and encourage all Alabamians to do the same,” the governor added.

Other officials also urged residents of the state to prepare.

“Make sure you have several ways to receive alerts,” Mobile’s weather service said wrote on Twitter. “You also have a plan on a safe place to go in case you are warned. Please do NOT focus on the exact level of risk. Everyone in the region must be prepared for severe and significant weather.”