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Rep. Clyburn shreds Senator Ron Johnson as a racist after his bigoted comments go viral




Republican politicians have long been too comfortable with deploying rhetorical rhetoric on court votes from bigots, but Donald Trump’s rise to party leader hypercharged this bad trend. It seems now hardly a day goes by without some GOP official uttering rhetoric that could have turned even George Wallace red.

Recently, Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) went on fire for comments he made in a conversation with a radio host about the Jan. 6 siege of the capitol. He said he “never felt threatened” during the uprising.

“I know those are people who love this country, who truly respect law enforcement, will never do anything to break the law so I’m not worried,” Johnson told the mostly white people who caused the death of a police officer when they broke the law to seize the Capitol.

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“Now that the table is open — and Joe can cause me a stir — if the tables are open and President Trump wins the election and the tens of thousands of Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesting, I might be a little worried, “Johnson added, the sound of a dog’s whistle is so loud that it can be heard in the human ear. Johnson may also have said, “I like white people but Blacks scare me.”

Last night on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) tore up Senator Johnson for his offensive remarks and correctly labeled him a racist.

“Once he first made his last statement ‘I know I’m going to have a problem for this’ and then went on to say, he told me he knew exactly what he was saying. He knew why he was saying it and knew exactly if what the reaction will be, he just doesn’t care, ”Clyburn said.

“The man is racist, this isn’t the first time he’s indicated that,” Clyburn continued. “I hope the people of Wisconsin notice this and do their best to help them make this country a better place. Now I know Wisconsin’s history when it comes to politics. They’re on both sides of the super, super right and the extreme left. I hope they will change themselves in the next election and eliminate this right extremist. “

People in Wisconsin would do well to listen to Clyburn’s motivation. Johnson is allowed to stay in power after as many comments are strong because they not only encourage him to bow even lower in the future, it will signal to all racist Republican politicians that they can say and do whatever they want nothing to bet.

Watch the interview below.

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