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Republican media machine unleashes avalanche of racism against Simone Biles for Olympic withdrawal



Nothing emphasizes the ugly hatred, contempt, and disgust that conservative white Americans feel for their Black countrymen than seeing the response of the right -wing propaganda machine to literally anything that happens to a popular Black figure. Immediately, white white dudes who haven’t really worked a day in their lives start howling and moaning and trying to tear the man apart in any way they can, which they call Cardi B a whore or accuse LeBron James which is a shill of Chinese or obsessed Jussie Smollet to prove that racism doesn’t really exist in America.

Simone Biles ’difficult but personal decision to leave the competition last night was predicted to stop crying and moaning from the usual suspects, ignoring the fact that a second of lost concentration could mean a severe injury. for Simone.

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This is absolutely frustrating for many reasons, the first being all these men bloggers who spends every day pushing the most primitive and asinine culture war drivel to the most brain damaged brain. They haven’t done anything even far close to the historic successes that Simone Biles has had, never felt an ounce of pressure he felt, didn’t have to work towards anything and endured the things he had to endure to get where he is now

This includes sexual assault by serial rapist Larry Nasser, who has abused hundreds of gymnasts for decades. while the FBI knew and did nothing about it. This country and its institutions he failed, as we failed each other with Nasser hundreds of victims, and no one has the right to criticize him for finally prioritizing himself – especially not the racially enticing people who have contributed nothing to humanity and will sell knives at the door if they don’t have an extensive network of rights – billions of wings funding their bully pulpits.

And it’s race-baiting. They know the ugly truth: that there is a significant portion of white Americans who aspire to see famous Black Americans stripped and eager to consume any content that allows them to feel superior, giving them an excuse to criticize and condemn and damn and insult. It’s absolutely disgusting, but there’s no turning it around- this is us.

Unfortunately, there has also been an outpouring of support for the unmatched athlete from less discriminatory people:

Colin Taylor

Colin Taylor is the editor-in-chief of the Occupy Democrats. He graduated from Bennington College with a Bachelor’s degree in history and political science. He is now committed to advancing the cause of social justice and equality in America.

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