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Republican openly brags that he’s trying to exclude low quality voters



Republican openly brags that he's trying to exclude low quality voters


A positive result emerging from the Trump presidency and the shameless change of politics in a bare fist without following the rules of the Marquess of Queensberry is that Republicans are increasingly willing to publicly express the worst views imaginable. imaginable.

While these shameless reprobates begin to speak the silent parts out loud, it is truly surprising that any of them can continue to seek public office, as offensively counter-democratic (with a small “d”) that their statements went to those who were outside their own limits.

Take Arizona Republic legislator John Kavanagh, who holds the heavy responsibility of chairing the state’s Government and Elections Committee.

Kavanagh is monitoring efforts to pass one of several voter suppression bills currently being considered by nearly every state with the GOP in control of the state government after the sudden implementation in the previous election that their policies were Corporate centered is not really popular with the majority of voters when they are actually motivated to vote and allowed to do so.

The Arizona lawmaker explained his motivation in supporting a bill that would add additional barriers to citizens seeking to use their valuable franchise in a blunt statement that seemed to doubt Kavanagh’s understanding and commitment to key issues. principles of democracy.

“There’s a major difference between Democrats and Republicans,” Kavanagh said CNN. “Democrats value as many people as possible in voting, and they’re willing to risk fraud. Republicans are more concerned about fraud, so we don’t mind putting in place security measures that won’t allow them to vote. everyone – but not everyone should vote … Not everyone wants to vote, and if someone isn’t interested in voting, it probably means they have absolutely no information on the issues.Quantity is important, but necessary let’s look at the quality of the votes, as well. “

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At least the GOP has been honest about their intentions now, instead of hiding their pretense behind an empty level wall about the glory of democracy.

For a party trying to cast the image of being a staunch advocate for elitist oligarchs and corporate interests to take the mantle of Trumpist populism bought by many of the remaining voters, Kavanagh’s jaw -dropping rejection in the general election seems like this. may just be sending the wrong message to the blue collar, right-wing MAGA supporters who have become the largest segment of its base.

Any careful Consumer reading and subsequent amendments will come short when looking for the passage describing the requirement for the votes of legitimate citizens to achieve a certain level of quality before they can be added to the count in any election.

Of course, in actual practice in the course of our country’s history, politicians often manage votes that do not meet their basic quality standards – voted by a male voter of caucasian skin – through the institution of caucasian skin. -slavery, through polling taxes, literacy and numeracy tests, and, until more than a hundred years ago, the suppression of voting among women.

However, in recent years-at least after the passage of the 13th, 15th, and 19th amendments to the Constitution and the Voting Rights Act of 1965-respectful society has tried to pretend that the concepts of one person, one vote and of the general the access to the ballot box are the aspirational goals shared by our society.

To people like John Kavanagh and his GOP counterparts in the way so many other states have decided to make laws designed to make it harder to vote for segments of the population they think can’t be convinced to vote against their own interests and elected. a Republican, it is more important that Democratic congressmen do whatever they need to do to pass HR 1, the current House bill to promote electoral reform.

If this means that the filibuster, so sacred to Republicans today as a minority party, must be changed or eliminated to gain access to voter protection, so be it.

The filibuster appears anywhere in the Constitution and is irrelevant to the core running of our government.

Democracy is too important and its continued existence is too fragile, as the January 6 uprising clearly proved, to fail the measures necessary to protect its spirit.

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Original reporting by Jonathan Chait of New York Magazine.

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