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Republican Senator dismisses Biden infrastructure push because he sees cones on the highway




Now that Democrats have passed a massive $ 1.9 trillion conviction on relief, a historic victory that will drastically reduce poverty and improve the lives of countless Americans, the Biden administration is looking to next business order and apparently it could be voting rights legislation or infrastructure spending.

The importance of the former becomes apparent when one looks even at the many ways in which Republicans seek to disfranchise and prevent voting. The importance of the latter is undeniable when it is discovered the American Society of Civil Engineers rated country infrastructure in a D +.

Republicans already have a whole arsenal of unsurprising conversation points against expanding voting rights prepared-from Trump’s lies about rampant Deep State voter fraud to long-standing lies. of the GOP that voter ID laws are not intended to discourage those entering unauthorized areas but to ensure the sanctity of ballot boxes – so we can predict how they will oppose that bill.

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Infrastructure is a harder place for Republicans to oppose without showing themselves as the lowest form of political hacks. This type of spending is incredibly popular and it is undeniable that our crumbling roads and bridges must be repaired before they can fully give up. That said, Conservatives don’t want to give President Biden another big legislative win because they know it will be difficult for them to regain the White House in 2024.

Sa Fox News today, Senator James Langford (R-OK) has put a test balloon for a possible line of attack on infrastructure spending and has only succeeded in embarrassing himself. Langford tried to argue that we’re already making enough investment in infrastructure because when you’re outside and about sometimes you see “orange pylons” marking highway construction.

“So Democrats are trying to say that nothing has been done, no infrastructure is happening right now. Everyone driving around construction is seeing the result of the infrastructure work that is already happening,” Langford said with a straight face.

To say that there is no extreme need for infrastructure spending because you occasionally see some construction on the road is like saying that there is no hunger in the world because you passed a McDonald’s once. This is a completely unsurprising argument and Langford is either acting in extreme bad faith or he is frankly too stupid to serve in the U.S. Senate.

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