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Rihanna Posted A Topless Photo And Immediately Faced Backlash For The Jewelry She Wore




“It’s 2021 now, and not all that religion is not an aesthetic understand.”

This week, white A line of lingerie, topless and quickly on Instagram increase of 9.9 million wild Fenty 10 tortured ‘to’ naturally.

However, not everyone in the pic have been the thing that senses, the Hindus in the city, among the so many, what has been said in the “pose” by means of the appropriation of the cultural and religious one as a singer.

In the photo, wearing a pendant necklace rth seems that the Hindu God Ganesha features.

White / Via Instagram; @badgalriri

Second Brittany, Ganesh the “elephant headed Praise God,” which means “an impediment.” The more that at the Annual Hinduism, click on this.

“What do you do in lingerie photoshoot Bieber crowd outside the house and a Hindu Ganesh and wearing it as a pendant [an] accessory?! “Tweeted after the first photo went viral.

What makes shareholders Album Sports photoshoot Hindu temple outside & amp; and wearing them as extras Ganesh pendant?! and what it is a person, not because he ?? Titus as the first truly pick & amp; choose with care

Twitter: @shrabonbon

“How hard it is not possible to respect Hinduism have their own personal gain for you?” asked by another user, posing in front of the media A feed of posting of the 10 which seems to be a copy of that ruthless Fenty he fancied that the Hindu temple.

B cardio first, but now Bieber. I am afraid neither the use of how difficult it is for his own profit Hinduism? This is both less than a week after Fenty naked model posted photos, the front half of the Hindu temple …

“It’s 2021, and we have to understand that religion is not an aesthetic,” this person said.

There fury on regular TL Images posted where the tombs are now promoting her line while the chain Sports Ganesh with my God forbid. It is 2021 and we all must understand that religion is not an aesthetic.

“I do not know what he needed to hear, but there’s no good way to use the service’s aesthetic Bieber forbid even if Perkins,” added another.

I do not know what he hears; But it is necessary that it’s not good to use as the Album are Hindu religion’s aesthetic even if Rihanna.❤

This is called a photo topless “ungrateful”

@Rihanna album @PopcaanMusic @SavageXFenty irreversible plz do this nonsense. Annual wearing dark on such an intimate be. Ganesh Chaturthi the celebration of God is holy, every year thousands of people by no means the first. Unfortunately, Chapter deficient U & amp; uu others have crossed the limits d. Thus, for the right of @IncIndia tiller of the ground. Jai Hind

Others said the 32 year old producer was being “the most disrespectful to religion” and should not be defended

so that your Album is not only to defend? Hinduism and Hindu sacred in the most disrespectful? I’m sorry, all you have to see a religion blatantly Disrespected there? Everything comes from love me💗

“You can call to love each other and btw Album: ‘I wrote a fan.

Praise God collar about the aesthetic? Btw you are able to love life and to what they call the album.

Another fan tweeted, “Bieber’s Never thought of as one’s own, I see Annual Praise God.”

Praise God’s hot appropriation of the Annual never thought that I see 🥺 …

“Resolution could not be all that it’s a” another commented.

I do not, but all religious and cultural tired of Modern appropriated in such manner disrespectful. This is mounted on a cross Sports least one threshold Album try to respect other cultures. Which is good, that’s all we ask

This is the first time the rth out for offending a religious community. Just last year, and EXEMPTED Muslim community that used for the song, which sampled the Islamic religion written Fenty Savage 10 October 2020 show.

White backlash to recent reply yet, but if this update will not be.

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