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Riot Games may have teased a new desert map for Valorant




When it comes to Valorant, Riot Games loves to leave Easter eggs for some of the most exciting changes they have planned for upcoming updates.

This time around, Valorant’s developers may have just teased the arrival of a new map based on a desert theme.

Since Icebox has its inspiration in the frozen Arctic, the likelihood that the next map will be a desert theme is likely.

The short clip teased Valorant’s Arabic Twitter handle right after patch 2.06 crashed and went live on all servers.

The cinematic announcement comes with voice and text, both in Arabic. According to a Valorant fan in this Reddit post, they translate into “in time of war / battle don’t be afraid of bombs” and “prepare yourself”.

It is important to keep in mind that a new card may not be the only thing on the cards. Given that Episode 2 Act 2 ends in just over a month, the announcement for the announcements could also be for a new agent.

A new map of the desert could be on the maps in Valorant

In one of their live developer chats in January, the Valorant team opened as they wished exponentially growing pool map to help a competitive game and bring more variety of play to the professional scene.

This is one of the reasons why many players from the Valorant community are convinced that Episode 2, Act 3 will bring a whole new map into the game.

In the previous one developer diaries, Valorant creative director David Nottingham said Riot would ask for it dive deep into the Valorant world, similar to the League of Legends.

The blog even shared a picture of Phoenix and Viper standing in a place that is quite similar to the one they teased in the trailer.

The teaser could be for the infantry skin line

Another possibility that the Valorant community is considering is the fact that the announcements may have something to do with Pedestrian skin line it comes into play.

After the official patch fell last night, it was revealed that the new Valorant cosmetic collection will be inspired by World War II.

Each gun skin will sell for 875 Valorant points, while the package will cost 3,500 Valorant points.

While it’s unlikely that Riot will set up an announcement trailer for just one cosmetic set of weapons, there’s still a possibility that Valorant fans want to keep in mind.

The Infantry leather line will arrive in Valorant stores on March 18. Since Riot has yet to provide any official information about him, it is not known if the set will come with its unique VFX and final kill animation.

Posted March 17, 2021, 11:57 AM IST