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Rookie TSA Officer Springs Into Action After Hearing Mother’s Scream, Saves Choking Baby




Cecilia Morales is no stranger to danger.

He has made a career in helping people in desperate situations, and has 10 years of experience as an EMT in New Jersey under his belt.

In October, he got a new job at the Transportation Security Administration. He was on duty at Newark Liberty International Airport when his training was really handy.

When a mother went through security, she took her 2 -month -old from her carrier and discovered it was not breathing. When he did not wake up baby, he started shouting for help.

Morales, standing nearby, acted on instinct. He jumped on a conveyor belt and immediately took the baby in his arms.


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He did the Heimlich maneuver previously in the elderly and children, but never a baby, according to a Dec. 23 News release from the TSA.

Later, Morales said the baby’s mother was “extremely nervous and I knew if I couldn’t get there, it wouldn’t be a good result.”

Two attempts were taken, but Morales rested the baby again. A pediatric EMT arrived shortly after to provide oxygen.

“Two months on the job and he’s literally a life saver,” TSA officer Thomas Carter said. “Officer Morales’ quick reaction and action helped to ensure that this family’s holiday will be happy. His actions are inspiring. ”

“He was truly a hero who naturally responded to rescue the baby,” TSA spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein said, according to Miami Herald.

“If Officer Morales hadn’t used his critical thinking, knowledge and quick response, we probably would have had a horrible result,” TSA manager Ayrana Frazier added.

“At the moment Officer Morales is unselfish, and his priority is to save a life. We are proud to call him one of us.”


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Although saving lives is not new for the novice TSA officer, he has never seen himself as he did this time.

“I saw the video afterwards,” Morales said. “This is the first time I have seen myself in action, saving a life. It was mind-blowing to watch.

“I felt like my training and experience was just taken away.”

This article originally appeared on The Western Journal.

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