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Rye Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom — All you need to know




Cookie Run: Kingdom is a fun mix of kingdom building and action RPG where players can create their own fun Cookies, raising levels throughout the story. There are over 250 cookies available to unlock.

You can unlock cookies through campaign mode or draw from Gach, which costs 300 crystals per draw. Cookies are in four rarities: common, rare, epic and ancient. Cookie Run: Kingdom provides players with a lot freebies which I can ask for in-game codes.

Rye Cookie from Cookie Run: Kingdom is enabled to play at the launch on January 21st. She has a prominent role in Enemies for Life.

Rye Cookie from Cookie Run: Kingdom

The description of Rye Cookie in the game reads:

“At sunset on a hard day’s work, the salon door slams open.” As usual, boss! “She shouts. a badge and all that. A wild gun, they call. Maybe he’s here at work, or maybe he’s just walking around town. Last time there were rumors of a brazen robbery: someone wiped out a wheat silo like a whistle, not a single grain left. could you? Anyway, it’s better to be careful around you. It’s safer to be nice and quiet around her, that you don’t want to feel a full barrel of her caliber of whole grain. “

Rye Cookie from Cookie Run: Kingdom is an Epic Cookie belonging to the Ranged class. Her position is by default a priority behind.

Statistic of Rye Cookie from Cookie Run: Kingdom

  • 15-second base cooling
  • Dealt damage: 72.0% (+ 0.9-1% per level)
  • + 50.0% ATK SPD in 7.0 sec

Description Rye Cookie’s Soulstone

“This stone holds a piece of Rye Cookie’s soul. It shines brightest at noon.”

” alt=”Rye Cookie’s skill, Final Showdown (Picture via YouTube)” width=”1519″ height=”869″ data-img=”” data-img-low=”” />
Rye Cookie Skill, Final Showdown (Image via YouTube)

Rye Cookie Skill: Final Showdown

The description of the skills in the game Final Showdown is:

“Shoot first if you don’t want to be shot! The cookie directs both guns at the enemy with the lowest maximum HP and fires in a circle, causing great damage several times. The attack speed of the cookie is significantly increased for the entire duration calculation.” to invited enemies). “

Final Showdown targets enemies with the lowest maximum hit points and inflicts incredible damage several times. This skill also increases the attack speed of the Rye Cookie for the entire duration.

Final Showdown deals 72.0% (+ 0.9-1% per level) and increases attack speed by 50.0% in 7.0 seconds.

Voice of Rye Cookie from Cookie Run: Kingdom

Join our stream of autographs and live questions and answers with our Streamily Voice actors and cast, including: 🍞 Amber Lee Connors (co-director, Rye Cookie)

All in all, Rye Cookie is a great addition to your list. Her skill inflicts significant damage on enemies and increases her attack speed. At the basic level, her cooling skills are set to 15 seconds.

Best suited topping of baked raspberries X5 (recommended) and X5 Bouncy Caramel Topping.



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