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Samsung 45W Travel Adapter review: Future-proof charging isn’t cheap




Picking Best phone charging accessories It’s not an easy task these days to use the various standards and protocols used for fast charging. However, as high-end smartphones begin shipping in boxes and without chargers, interest in the charging accessories industry is becoming more and more important.

If you are looking for an adapter that can turn on the latest power Samsung Galaxy S21 series Smartphones, official accessories are a logical starting point. Boasting 45W of power, Samsung’s Super Fast Charging 2.0 Travel Adapter can charge all Galaxy smartphones and more. It is also suitable for tablets and laptops. Let’s jump in Android Authority Samsung 45W travel adapter review.

Samsung 45W Super Fast Charging Travel Adapter Buy Now

$49 .99

What You Need To Know About Samsung 45W Travel Adapter

What's in the Samsung 45W Travel Adapter Box
What's in the Samsung 45W Travel Adapter Box

credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority

  • Samsung SuperFast Charging 2.0 (45W) Travel Adapter: $50 / £39 / €50 / R. 2,999

As an official accessory, Samsung’s 45W Travel Adapter is available in a variety of plug socket variations that can be used around the world. Available in white and black options (in selected regions). Adapters do not have interchangeable plug types, so they are fixed for the region of purchase.

Samsung includes a 1-meter USB-C to USB-C cable in the box and is built to support currents up to 5A for fast charging. The charger is slightly larger than the previous low-power model, but it’s excellent portability for a 45W product.

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The most important feature of this particular adapter is that it supports the USB PD PPS (USB Power Delivery Programmable Power Supply) charging standard. This is a requirement to charge the Samsung Galaxy S21 and other latest generation Galaxy handsets at full speed. Chargers that don’t support USB PD PPS are limited to the slower 15W on Samsung’s latest phones.

USB power supply
Programmable power supply mode
USB Power Delivery 3.0 mode
Samsung 45W Travel Adapter
Supported USB PD Mode
3.3V-11V, 5A
3.3V-16V, 3A
3.3V-21V, 2.25A
5V, 3A
9V, 3A
15V, 3A
20V, 2.25A

We tested different modes of the charger to check compatibility. In addition to the three PPS modes up to 21V, the adapter can power USB Power Delivery 3.0 devices that require 5V, 9V, 15V or 20V settings. That said, this charger supports all USB Power Delivery devices that require up to 45W of power. This includes previous generation Samsung smartphones and handsets from a variety of different manufacturers.

What good?

Samsung 45W Travel Adapter Charging Specifications

credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Samsung 45W Travel Adapter supports the latest USB Power Delivery PPS specifications. With a great purchase for the future Samsung galaxy phone, Other smartphones, USB-C rechargeable tablets and even some laptops. To ensure compatibility Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, Microsoft’s Surface X Pro tablet and Honor MagicBook Pro laptop. The results are very good.

Samsung 45W Travel Adapter Test Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max Microsoft Surface Book X Honor MagicBook Pro
USB power test 25W / 25W 18.7W/20W 41W / 60W 41.8W / 65W
Voltage and current 8.91V, 2.82A 8.95V, 2.09A 19.8V, 2.06A 19.8V, 2.11A
Charging standard USB PD PPS USB PD 3.0 USB PD 3.0 USB PD 3.0
Wall power 30.8W 22.4W 47.9W 48.9W
Energy efficiency 81.6%, good. 83.5%, good. 85.2%, very good. 85.4%, very good.

For even more powerful electronics, you can get fast charging speeds with your existing USB Power Delivery devices, including the iPhone 12 series with a full 20W and up to about 42W. So, the Samsung 45W travel adapter is suitable for smartphones and tablets, as well as some small laptops. However, 45W takes hours to fully charge a high-capacity laptop, so you might prefer a 60W-100W charger.

But if you’re looking for a charger that can power a variety of modern USB-C devices, Samsung’s 45W travel adapter is a great choice.

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What’s not so good?

With the latest charging technology and fast speed, the only problem with Samsung’s 45W charger is its price. The $50 is slightly higher than spending on competing products with the same specs. See something much cheaper Elecjet 45W USB PD PPS ChargerE.g. Of course, high-quality chargers with specifications suitable for the Samsung Galaxy flagship are still uncommon. But if you can’t buy the charger at a discounted price, you’re definitely paying the Samsung premium here.

Another notable drawback is the lack of interchangeable regional plugs, which are increasingly common in competing products. Especially for plugs branded as “travel” adapters.

Similarly, about $50 often offers two USB ports from third-party products. The ability to charge two phones at once allows you to take full advantage of the charger’s 45W capability. If you plan to charge only one Galaxy S21 series smartphone Samsung’s 25W travel adapter Are you even compensated for half the price? If you don’t need USB PD PPS support to charge your gadget, the multi charger offers a better value for money.

Samsung 45W Travel Adapter Review: Should You Buy?

Samsung 45W Travel Adapter Top

credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority

If you’re in the market for an official Samsung charger suitable for more than a smartphone, this is the product for you. The Samsung 45W Travel Adapter applies the latest charging standards to quickly charge the entire Galaxy handset portfolio, even smartphones, tablets and laptops from other brands.

If you need a charger for power-hungry USB-C devices, Samsung’s 45W travel adapter is a great choice.

However, the 45W model is overkill for charging most smartphones. Samsung’s cheaper 25W model may be more suitable for Galaxy S21 customers. Similarly, those looking to charge high-power laptops or multiple devices at once can find a more suitable product in the market for the same price. Such as 65W RavPower Pioneer 4 ports Charging station.

Samsung 45W Super Fast Charging Travel Adapter

Boasting 45W of power, Samsung’s Super Fast Charging 2.0 Travel Adapter can charge all Galaxy smartphones and more.

Samsung 45W Travel Adapter Popular Questions & Answers

Q: Will it charge my Samsung Galaxy S21 fast?

A: Yes, Samsung’s 45W travel adapter charges the Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra at the fastest 25W speed. This adapter quickly charges other previous generation Samsung Galaxy S and Note smartphones to 25W and 45W for some models.

Q: Can I charge my laptop or tablet?

A: Yes. Provides that the laptop supports charging via UBS-C port and USB Power Delivery. It can charge up to 45W, which is quite fast compared to tablets and is suitable for small laptops.


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