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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and S10 are latest to get Android 12 update with One UI 4




Samsung’s blistering rollout continues to move rapidly.

Samsung has been killing it with rapid OS updates in recent years, and Android 12 is no different. The rollout process has now arrived in our effort to bring a great One UI 4 to as many phones as possible as quickly as possible. Galaxy S20 FE and Galaxy S10 series. this comes right after Samsung is starting to crash the S20 and Note 20 to the latest version of Android. — Korean companies show no signs of slowing, which is good news for customers.

As reported by XDA Developer, Samsung originally predicted a 2022 launch of the One UI 4 on the one-year-old S20 FE and two-year-old S10, so this early update makes a great holiday surprise for owners of both devices.


The Exynos 4G model, the global Galaxy S10 (SM-G97xF), started receiving firmware version G97xFXXUEGULB from Germany and Switzerland, including the December security patch and all Android 12/One UI 4.0 products. Meanwhile, firmware version G781BXXU4DUL9 has been confirmed to roll out to the Galaxy S20 FE (SM-G781B — Exynos, 5G), but so far only in Switzerland. Assuming there are no issues, we can expect the update rollout to expand to other countries.

The Android 12 update is coming soon to the Galaxy Note 10 as well, as this phone received a beta build at about the same time as the Galaxy S10. Considering that this phone is several years old, this is a very impressive work from Samsung.

You can check if a new firmware is available for your Galaxy device by going to: setting > software update > Download and install. If your fingers are crossed and you can’t see it yet, you don’t need to wait any longer.

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