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Samsung now lets you design your own flip smartphone



But during a virtual press event on Wednesday, Samsung wanted to change that with a concept that makes users part of the design process.

The company showed a bespoke version Flip 3 smartphone which allows people to choose from a handful of design options that can reflect their personality or taste. You can choose black or silver frame options, select various colors (blue, yellow, white, pink, or black) for the front and back panels, or opt for a striped pattern. The company said up to 49 combinations are possible. It builds on its existing bespoke product line, such as refrigerators.

“This is the first time we’ve offered customers this customization on their mobile device,” the company said during the event.

Designs can be created through Samsung’s Bespoke Studio on its website starting Wednesday for $ 1,099.99 and up.

Samsung's new customizable Flip 3 smartphone
Samsung is not the first company to experiment with a customizable phone. In 2013, Motorola Moto X let users choose from 18 color options on the back, seven trim options, and different material options, such as plastic or wood.
Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 can be similarly customized also through Bespoke Studio. The smartwatch also received some new updates to give users more control over appearance and experience. This includes new clock faces, such as screens focused on climate and health, a gesture control function and better fall detection.
In August, Samsung awakened its Galaxy Z Flip 3 ($ 999) clamshell-type device, reminiscent of flip phones from the early 2000s. The Flip 3 is thinner, lighter, more durable, and more water-resistant than Samsung’s previous folding models and new ways of doing various tasks, support for the S Pen signature of the note, and a camera that lives under the screen that could one day spell the end of the hated notch.
His last press event is taking place a long week of tech product launches with Apple and Google also launching new gadgets ahead of the major holiday season. Products are launched amid continuing concerns about global component shortages and logistical problems. It’s unclear how quickly Samsung will be able to respond to orders for its new bespoke products, but the fact that it’s only launching in six markets may help alleviate some concerns about shipments.

Samsung has long been a leader in technology customization. In 2017, he introduced the Frame TV that hangs on the wall and serves as a work of art when not in use. Meanwhile, your custom refrigerator is custom made with different materials and colors, and features such as temperature control that can be modified using your SmartThings app.