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Save 50% on a Dell 27-inch monitor, and more great monitor deals




LG 27 Inch Class 4K UHD IPS LED Monitor Promotional Image

The laptop offers plenty of portability, but it can be difficult to work with for hours on a 13.3-inch screen. This is where large and bright monitors become a staple of your home office. I recently added an extra monitor to my laptop setup and it’s a game changer. We continue to put together the best monitor deals that can help you.

The best monitor deals have been broken down into two sections: gaming monitors and standard monitors. Gaming monitors are often slightly wider and more powerful with higher refresh rates. You won’t find any curved monitors on this list because they are as popular as curved TVs.

Special Offer: 50% Off Dell 27-inch Monitor

Dell 27 monitor deal

If you are looking for an inexpensive and versatile monitor to upgrade your home office setup, this is a deal you can’t miss. For now, you can only choose the Dell S2721HN 27 inch monitor. $129.99 -50% off regular retail price of $259.99.

With a 1920 x 1080p IPS display, this monitor is perfect for productivity, streaming video, and more. While boasting a large 27-inch screen size, the slim bezel, professional design, and reliable Dell quality make it easy to fit into any working setup.

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Two HDMI ports can be used to connect to a laptop, computer or streaming device. With a 75Hz refresh rate, you can also play casual games on this display.

Click below to see deals or scroll through all the best monitor deals we can find.

Best monitor deals

All of these deals were in place at the time of writing, but if we find new savings we will do our best to update the list.

Standard monitor

Dell 24 inch LED

If you’re looking for a standard monitor that fits your budget, display size is probably your top priority. You can consider the 24-inch model as a minimum, but if you’re moving up to 27 inches or more, you’ll need to take some basic measurements to free up desk space.

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Size isn’t everything, better monitors offer high resolutions like Full HD or 4K, wide viewing angles, and rich color gamut. Aesthetically, you may also be interested in screens with very thin bezels, and don’t forget to make sure the ports you need for your work or entertainment needs are selected. The flicker-free ComfortView setup is Dell P-Series 27 Inch LED Monitor It helps reduce harmful blue light even during long working hours.

Here are some of the best standard monitor deals right now.

If you need a portable monitor that can expand your laptop’s screen size on the go, you can check out these portable monitor deals.

Game monitor

LG 31 inch G Sync LCD Gaming Monitor

Gaming monitors are often more specialized than standard models, resulting in higher prices. If you’re a casual gamer, a good standard monitor will suffice for everything, but a more dedicated player with a sufficient budget can bounce a little bit further on these gaming monitor deals.

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On large screens with great resolution, gamers should consider high refresh rates and low response times. These factors ensure the smoothest and most immersive sessions, while maximizing your advantage when dealing with opponents. In general, you need to find at least a 120Hz refresh rate for gaming, and a response time of 5ms or less is adequate. A response time of 1 ms is ideal.

Here’s our pick for the best monitor deals you can get right now. Whether you’re working or playing games, these options will boost your PC!


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