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Score $400 off a Surface Pro 7 today, and more great Surface Pro deals




Microsoft Surface Pro 7 promo shot

that much iPad Pro It’s not the only tablet device competing for laptop replacement. If you’re more familiar with Windows, you can use more of your Microsoft Surface Pro at home. That’s why we chose the best Surface Pro deal on the web.

Surface Pro comes in a variety of sizes and specifications, so we’ve done our best to break it down a bit. Everything from the luxury Surface Pro X to the affordable Surface Go. There are also several options for previous versions of the Surface Pro family.

It’s important to remember that most Surface Pro deals don’t always include a Type Cover or Surface Pen accessory. Luckily, the accessories you need aren’t hard to find and can be purchased at the time of the transaction.

Main Deal: $400 Off Surface Pro 7

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Intel Core i3 Best Buy Deal

In terms of laptop-tablet hybrids, Microsoft’s latest Surface Pro 7 is one of the best on the market. Advanced engineering can mean high prices, but Best Buy is currently offering a 27% price cut on the Surface Pro 7. Can be used $699 ($260 off) In today’s deal.

Lightweight and versatile, the Surface Pro 7 comes with an easily detachable type cover (usually sold separately but included in this deal), so you can quickly switch to a 12-inch tablet. However, it’s closer to a laptop in terms of specifications.

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The currently available variant of the Surface Pro 7 comes with an Intel 10th generation Core i3 processor, 4GB RAM, and 128GB SSD storage. In other words, it’s not a powerful gaming laptop, but it’s suitable for most other tasks. With more than 10 hours of battery life and Windows 10 Home included, it’s ready to use, and it’s getting tighter.

This price cut expires tonight, so tap the widget below to check it out. If you missed an offer, scroll through for more deals.

Best Surface Pro deal

  1. Surface Pro X deal
  2. Surface Pro 7 deal
  3. Microsoft Surface Pro 6 deal
  4. Surface Go and Go 2 deals
  5. Surface accessories

All of these deals were in effect at the time of writing and we will do our best to update the list as we find new savings.

1.Surface Pro X deal

Microsoft Surface Pro X

If you want a top-of-the-line product from Microsoft Surface Pro X This is the option for you. Stay productive by combining fast LTE connectivity with two-person flexibility and an ultra-slim 13-inch touch screen. Surface Pro X runs on Microsoft’s own SQ1 processor and Snapdragon X24 modem to stay connected.

When you’re ready to get the most out of what Surface Pro can offer, here’s the opportunity to save money:

2. Surface Pro 7 deal

The Surface Pro 7 was released at the same time as the Surface Pro X, but with the effort in mind. The Surface Pro 7 doesn’t come with LTE capabilities, but it includes a 10th-generation Intel Core processor, so you can power it all day long. Built to handle full-size applications like Photoshop, rather than connecting on the go.

If you’re ready to work hard and play hard, here are some of the best Surface Pro 7 deals.

3. Surface Pro 6 deal

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

If you want a Surface Pro but don’t worry about the latest generation interior, Surface Pro 6 is still a viable option. It matches the size of the Surface Pro 7, but swaps the 10th generation Intel Core processor for the 8th generation option. Surface Pro 6 also offers a weak Bluetooth 4.2 connection.

Surface Pro 6 also swaps the Surface Pro 7’s USB-C port for a Mini DisplayPort. If you choose Surface Pro 6, you have several options.

4. Surface Go and Go 2 deal

Microsoft Surface Go 2

Surface Go 2 is the perfect choice if you want to maximize portability and minimize weight. It includes a 10.5-inch touch screen and weighs just over a pound, making it easy to carry anywhere. The original Surface Go is also available.

If you want to take your Surface anywhere, here are our best options.

5. Surface Accessories

Now that you have a chance to check out all your Surface devices, it’s time to start using the accessory! After all, you can’t really replace a laptop without a keyboard. Microsoft offers a variety of keyboards, docks, and other peripherals to help you complete the setup, and I’ll explain some of my favorites here.

This is the best Microsoft Surface Pro deal. We will do our best to update the list with the latest and greatest savings. Our Laptop trading hub.


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