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Senate set to confirm Deb Haaland as Biden’s Interior secretary in historic vote




And despite the fact that some of Republicans expected to be confirmed express and described her nomination on the ground that public views on the use of fossil fuels as a mortal anxiety.
This is not the first time Haaland made history. In 2018 she was elected female in America between the two Conference. It Honorius and the captains of the mention of what is from the consumer to the progressives of victory from the internal to the operation of the public as regards India all of them have served to raise the place of their nature takes care of the federal lands. When confirmed, Haaland will be Biden’s point of view and a plan to tackle the crisis to reduce air emissions.
During her confirmation hearing, Haaland inserted Illustraverunt her nomination by making history;Saying: “The historic reason I lost my endorsement on me, but I will say that about me. But I hope that will be named for the warning and correction of America – moving forward one nation in one state and create opportunities for all of us.”

Discussing the cause and as was said in Job, he said, “It’s difficult, that they should not feel that they ought to hold, that the earth and to feel that all the honorable offices Man here on Earth understands it to be a superior,” he adds, “I do not want to safeguarding of this their own country, and in one manner as to cover it, for all the road “.

During the procedural vote Thursday, four Republicans, again. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Susan Cicero, Maine, and Dan and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska Abbate GlocestriAb Bishop, joined all Democrats voting in favor advancing it to nominate the dictator.

To the Republicans who are in opposition to the truth Haaland’s nomination became aware of of fossil fuels it, and has done them a confirmation of the light of the responses of the first to hear the comments were pretty good. Senator John Barrasso, a Republican from Wyoming ranking GOP member, and the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, is the form and manner in a floor speech Thursday.

“Representative Haaland’s policy views and lack of substantive answers for his confirmation hearing, in my opinion, would disqualify this office,” Barrasso said, referencing past comments that he made, including a 2019 interview with guardian where it is stated that: “from the heart” fracking opposed, and drilling on public lands.
“And so my judgment, and the judgment of my constituents, which are extreme views,” he said, his views, adding that there are “laws, so that it co-sponsored backed up by interest,” noting that it has co-sponsored Resolution on a green New Deal in the House.

During her confirmation hearing, Haaland attempt to balance energy and environmental policy to strike a delicate, saying: “There’s no question that the fossil energy will not continue to play a major role in America for years.” But she added: “Our challenge is addressed air” and that “when the Department has the role of clean energy harnessing our potential to create new jobs and economic fields of public occasions. “

Very often the face of questions from the Republican Party News Haaland opinions of the senators would not reject her, namely, according to the work in the service of what is good in itself, can not do what from Biden’s of things necessary to be done to him, the administration of the.

Senate GOP Steve Daines from Montana to one point Haaland asked, “Do you support a ban on fracking and cauruļvadi news?” He answered, “Biden President support a ban on fracking is no understanding.” Pressed again the question of Daines and Haaland said ” if I am confirmed as secretary to the will of the President and want to move forward to serving them was done. “

Although, contrary to the Republican, is praised by Haaland, to whose faction of Democrats came to be preached to believe you at all qualified for the job.

Senator John Martin, Democratic New Mexico Senate floor spoke in support of the nomination in a speech, saying, “I am a confident leader who is a need to convey to our inner restore the fields, and outdoor recreation opening new opportunities for Americans of all public lands and putting the work in discrimination against the sky. ”

The censorship policy on pushing the GOP’s view Marcus Haaland said that the film is well fall into several represent anything constituted fair to say that a large part of her constituents. “

“I am eager finally to the Senate for confirmation Haaland Congresswoman so that they can work towards protecting our natural heritage, becoming fortifying the pyramids,” he said.

This is what Gregory attention to CNN’s report Krieg.