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Senator calls on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to testify about Instagram and kids



Citing internal company documents filtered by Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen, Blumenthal wrote that Facebook “seems to have hidden vital information about the mental health and addiction of teens. When I searched for specific information about Instagram and teens in an August letter, Facebook provided clearly evasive and misleading answers. which have now been directly challenged by Ms Haugen “.
As part of a series based on leaked documents, the Wall Street Journal reported in September, Facebook researchers have been conducting studies for the past three years on how Instagram, which it owns, affects its millions of young users. Research shows that the platform can damage mental health and body image, especially among teenage girls.

Journal reports, and renewed pressure from lawmakers to its consequences, also seemed to force Instagram to rethink its plans to introduce a version of its service for under-13s. Days before Facebook’s head of global security, Antigone Davis, testified before Blumenthal’s Commerce subcommittee, Instagram said it would pause the project.

Blumenthal said he was dismayed that in his testimony, Davis “appears to have provided me with false or inaccurate testimony about attempts to conceal his investigation internally.”

In particular, in response to direct questions about whether Facebook has blocked or blocked access to documents, Ms. Davis stated that “I don’t understand that we did” and pledged to follow up with my office on any change to that understanding.However, last week, several media outlets reported it [Facebook] has blocked documents from Facebook’s integrity team. These are the actions of a company that is trying to resist scrutiny, not embrace transparency. “

Facebook spokesman Andy Stone confirmed the company received the letter.

Samantha Kelly of CNN Business contributed to this report.


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